Miscellaneous Theatre Festival 2009

    19:00, Wed 11th – Fri 13th March 2009 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Lent Week 8

    Held in Week 8 (11-13th March) the 2009 MISCELLANEOUS THEATRE FESTIVAL promises to excite, experiment, and generally entertain: with readings from original works, abstract musical pieces, devised performances and everything under the sun.

    It is a 3 day event (free of charge) unlike anything you will ever see in Cambridge: a festival where pieces - mime, recordings, the uncategorized - can inform a dialogue with other works. There is no requirement for 'polish' or 'definite finish', no application process.

    With works from: Finn Beames, Ian Burrows, Finbarr O'Dempsey, Ollie Evans, Patrick Garety, Simon Haines, Jeremy Hardingham, Mark Hanin, Edward Herring, Emma Hogan, Decca Muldowney, Orlando Reade and others.

    Downstairs at 7pm each night (11, 12, 13th March) in the Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio (in the basement of the English faculty on Sidgwick Site).


    Production Team