Pembroke Freshers' Pantomime 2016
    By Genny Kilburn-Smith and Jin Choi

    22:00, Wed 30th November 2016 at Pembroke Hall
    Michaelmas Week 8

    George Orwell may have been one of the greatest authors of the twentieth century but 1984 had nothing on the travesty of 2016...

    The heating in Pembroke has broken once again and two freshers who unwittingly signed up to row for the PCBC have been assigned the job of saving college from freezing over. They fight their way through the political instabilities of Cambridge to reach the gates of Pembroke only to find that the situation in college is in even more dire straits than they could have imagined. Will they be able to overcome the malice of Donald Trumpington and the Tab Editor in time to save the day?

    Brace yourselves for an evening of Oliver award-worthy performances from the cream of Pembroke's fresher thesp talent

    Bring some bevs and get ready to laugh your (Christmas) socks off!



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