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The Cambridge Impronauts are Cambridge's improv comedy troupe, selling out the Corpus Playroom and the ADC Theatre Bar every term with entirely spontaneous, completely unique and extremely hilarious performances. Shout out a suggestion, sit back and enjoy the show!

The Impronauts also run totally free workshops every week of the Cambridge academic year, open to absolutely anyone who shows up without exception. Come along to our low-commitment, low-pressure and supportive environment to try your hand at improv, become a more open, accepting person in your everyday life and make a large group of friends across all year groups and colleges!

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Cambridge Impronauts 08:56 on 26th January Twitter

A trailer for an #Improv show‽
What a crazy idea!
So we did it.
What if #Improgeddon were ... Zombies‽

Come see us handle YOUR choice of ending 29-Jan to 1-Feb @adctheatre

Cambridge Impronauts 09:18 on 25th January Twitter

#Improgeddon rehearsals: What would happen if we all had earworms? Some might disco-dance! Some might get "a bit tetchy"! Another might sing to comfort their spouse!

We open @adctheatre on 29 Jan :

How may we end your world?

#Improv #Comedy #Drama

Cambridge Impronauts 21:55 on 22nd January Twitter

#Improgeddon : It all ends next week - be there at the start!
How will it happen?
Everybody will be kung-fu fighting!
Love becomes a big, scary animal!
Tamagotchi uprising!

Get your tickets now!
11pm from 29 Jan to 1 Feb @adctheatre

#Improv #Comedy

Cambridge Impronauts 14:13 on 18th January Twitter

Get your tickets now!

What would *you* do if cats evolved thumbs, or aliens wanted to Pave the Earth?

11pm at the end of the month @adctheatre


Cambridge Impronauts 07:49 on 17th January Twitter

Trailer for this term's Improv Comedy show: Impro-geddon!
Catch us at the @adctheatre 29 Jan-1 Feb.…

#Improgeddon #Improv #Cambridge

Cambridge Impronauts 22:50 on 15th January Twitter

Sunday 19th Jan at 8pm @adctheatre bar, come and see us with Quickfire! An hour of #ShortFormImprov games and sketches and laughter.…

Cambridge Impronauts 14:10 on 12th January Twitter

Come and watch our talented team create the apocalyptic movie that you wish existed!

What catastrophe will you throw them into tonight?

How will our stage-denizens survive?
What will become of their dreams when society is turned upside down?…

Cambridge Impronauts 23:14 on 3rd December Twitter

This Thursday (5 Dec) at @ThirstyCamb we will be with @ShowTheft bringing you a double-bill of improvised crime drama.
#WhimCityImprov returns with our film-noir theme.
Tickets available on the door, but it often sells out, so best to buy early.…

Cambridge Impronauts 19:26 on 20th November Twitter

#WhimCityImprov is back!
Our amazing friends at @ShowTheft have asked us to open a double-bill with them on Dec 5 at 19:45 at @ThirstyCamb.
We'll be bringing our Improvised Film-noir Comedy back to a new audience. Get your tickets quick!…

Cambridge Impronauts 06:53 on 16th November Twitter

This Sunday (17th Nov, 8pm) it's the last Quickfire of the term at the @adctheatre Bar in #Cambridge…

#shortform #improv

Cambridge Impronauts 10:18 on 9th November Twitter

Tonight, 9 Nov, 11pm, @adctheatre: final show of Whim City.
Last night, the town of Gumption Gulch was almost wiped out by a battle between the drug dealers from the swimming pool warehouse, and Bobby & Tammy the street vendors trying to avenge a murder.……

Cambridge Impronauts 22:08 on 2nd November Twitter

"The cast and crew have all been utterly fantastic and I can't wait to get to showtime! Film Noir is a great genre to improvise and we're all very excited to get going" - Aidan Pittman

#WhimCityImprov at the @adctheatre 6-9 Nov | 11pm



Cambridge Impronauts 08:36 on 1st November Twitter

"It was a cold dark night in a city which was cold and dark often. I knew the only flicker of light was in the ADC, an hour of escape from the world I had come to take for granted." - Jonatan Rostén

#WhimCityImprov at @adctheatre 6-9 Nov | 11pm


Cambridge Impronauts 17:31 on 30th October Twitter

"This is such a fun group: I'm so excited to perform with them all! I think this will be such a fun show, not just for the audience, but for us too!" - Alice Wenban (Whim City Co-Director/Producer)

#WhimCityImprov at @adctheatre 6-9 Nov | 11pm


Cambridge Impronauts 17:29 on 30th October Twitter

"This is such a fun group: I'm so excited to perform with them all! I think this will be such a fun show, not just for the audience, but for us too!" - Alice Wenban (Whim City Co-Director/Producer)

#WhimCityImprov at @adctheatre 6-9 Nov | 11pm


Cambridge Impronauts 22:17 on 29th October Twitter

"It's been an honour working with such talented improvisers during the rehearsals for Whim City. I’ve learned that, ironically, being a great improviser requires a lot of practice." - Dylan Perera

#WhimCityImprov at @adctheatre | 6-9 Nov | 11pm


Cambridge Impronauts 09:59 on 27th October Twitter

"For me, the Impronauts feels just like a group of friends having fun together - which is what I think improv should be all about." - Hamish Thomas (Whim City Co-Director/Producer)

#WhimCityImprov will be at the @adctheatre 6-9 Nov | 11pm



Cambridge Impronauts 09:54 on 27th October Twitter

All the pieces are in place. We've just updated the CamDram page for #WhimCityImprov with our new Lighting Director and Stage Manager.

Co-Creator Alice Wenban: "10 day countdown! Woo!"…

Cambridge Impronauts 10:20 on 26th October Twitter

6-9 Nov - put it in your diary!
#WhimCityImprov is coming to @adctheatre in Cambridge.
We're rehearsing so all \you\ have to do is show up and enjoy!


Cambridge Impronauts 22:00 on 24th October Twitter

Absolutely! Cross-pollination, love, and support are the way to go!…

Cambridge Impronauts 09:41 on 20th October Twitter

Short-form improvised comedy tonight at the @adctheatre bar in Cambridge. Join us for our first show of the term. Get a few extra laughs in before the new week starts.

FB Event here:…

#QuickfireImprov #Improv #Comedy…

Cambridge Impronauts 22:47 on 16th October Twitter

#ShortFormImprov #Comedy #QuickfireImprov #Cambridge @Impronauts!

This Sunday (20th Oct) at 8pm in the @adctheatre Bar
(accessibility info in the event description)

A great place to be - get a drink (cocktails to coffee), relax, laugh!…

Cambridge Impronauts 18:17 on 12th October Twitter

Next Sunday (20 Oct, 8pm) please join us in the @adctheatre bar for Impronauts: Quickfire!

Short, hilarious, improvised games and skits.

Tickets on sale now!…

Cambridge Impronauts 20:01 on 4th October Twitter

Our #improv comedy workshops are a great way to get started. Ideal even if you've never set foot on a stage!
Very relaxed and welcoming - come and join us in having fun making stuff up.
It's easier than you think: how much of your daily life is scripted?…

Cambridge Impronauts 16:14 on 4th October Twitter

#WhimCityImprov is coming to the @adctheatre soon.
Each hilarious show is unique, created just for the audience that night.
It's a full, improvised play! A very special form of theatre.
6-9 Nov, 11pm…


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