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The Cambridge Impronauts are Cambridge's improv comedy troupe, selling out the Corpus Playroom and the ADC Theatre Bar every term with entirely spontaneous, completely unique and extremely hilarious performances. Shout out a suggestion, sit back and enjoy the show!

The Impronauts also run totally free workshops every week of the Cambridge academic year, open to absolutely anyone who shows up without exception. Come along to our low-commitment, low-pressure and supportive environment to try your hand at improv, become a more open, accepting person in your everyday life and make a large group of friends across all year groups and colleges!

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11:12 on 31st July Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Our EdFringe show, A Series of Improvable Events opens TOMORROW @ Gilded Balloon Teviot 12-1pm. We will be running until the 27th August..
Get your tickets now!…

16:57 on 30th July Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Only a few days to go!…

20:02 on 12th February Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Play is something we all do as kids but somehow forget how to do as adults! In improv, Play is…

12:02 on 12th February Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Improvisation is all about existing in the moment to create something natural and spontaneous -…

16:46 on 10th February Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Just had a blast performing at the Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum 2018…

12:09 on 9th February Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Improvisers practice a wide range of different skills, but it all boils down to one key idea.…

14:01 on 8th February Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Hold up! It’s less than a week until Comic Sans Men - now is the time to buy your tickets to…

12:08 on 7th February Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

The cambridgepinkweekball was an AMAZING night! Many thanks for having us, we had a blast!…

13:37 on 2nd February Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Our fantastic non-binary and female cast will take the @adctheatre stage by storm for Comic Sans…

16:31 on 1st February Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

We can’t wait for Comic Sans Men, our improvised all non-binary and female comedy hour coming to…

14:48 on 28th January Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

After a fantastic impronautstour workshop, time for a little bit of filming! ????????????????

16:49 on 26th January Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Workshops are well underway for Comic Sans Men, our all non-binary and female comedy hour coming…

13:40 on 23rd January Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Check out our YouTube channel for footage of a game from our recent sell-out show with the…

14:00 on 22nd January Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

So much love for the @oxfordimps for coming over last night to perform a sell-out improv show!…

13:51 on 21st November Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

We had a blast at Conscious: The Oxbridge Mental Health Charity Ball! Thanks to everyone who came, and if you're headed to Selwyn Snowball 2017 you can catch us there as well! #improv #comedy #conscious #mentalhealth #ball #spontaneous #oxbridge #oxford #cambridge #selwynsnowball

15:35 on 19th November Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came to Much Improv About Nothing this week! It was a dream to perform, and we hope you had as much fun as we did <3

09:10 on 18th November Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

@lucyromijn Our thanks indeed - we always aim to please! ????

10:47 on 17th November Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Tonight there is but ONE TICKET that's left! With NINE remaining for tomorrow's show! That makes in total only TEN TO BUY! So get them now, or queue up at the door! #improv #shakespeare #comedy #tragedy #history #romance #funny #tonight #improvtheatre #corpusplayroom @adctheatre

13:05 on 16th November Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Our show will run for only THREE MORE NIGHTS! With last night SELLING OUT, we're proud to say! #improv #shakespeare #comedy #tragedy #history #romance #funny #tonight #improvtheatre #corpusplayroom @adctheatre

14:15 on 15th November Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

After a fantastic opening night, there are only TWO TICKETS remaining for tonight’s performance of Much Improv About Nothing! #improv #shakespeare #comedy #tragedy #history #romance #funny #tonight #improvtheatre #corpusplayroom @adctheatre

13:06 on 14th November Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Today’s the day! We’re ready for tonight! With all things set for you to see our show! Come one come all for Bardic fun and games - the Corpus Playroom is the place to be! #improv #shakespeare #comedy #tragedy #history #romance #funny #TONIGHT #improvtheatre #corpusplayroom

14:43 on 13th November Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Tomorrow’s when we’re opening our show! With tickets selling fast so don’t delay! #improv #shakespeare #comedy #tragedy #history #romance #funny #oneday #improvtheatre #corpusplayroom

11:57 on 9th November Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Only 15 tickets left on Wednesday for Much #Improv About Nothing! Get your tickets now! @adctheatre…

15:53 on 7th November Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Only seven days until Much Improv About Nothing, our improvised Shakespearean classic @corpusplayroom! #bardicimprov

11:24 on 6th November Twitter Cambridge Impronauts

Joel is bringing this level of focus to Much Improv About Nothing next week!… ????????????


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