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The Cambridge Impronauts are Cambridge's improv comedy troupe, performing in ADC Theatre and the ADC Theatre Bar every term with entirely spontaneous, completely unique and extremely hilarious performances. Shout out a suggestion, sit back and enjoy the show!

The Impronauts also run totally free workshops every week of the Cambridge academic year, open to absolutely anyone who shows up without exception. Come along to our low-commitment, low-pressure and supportive environment to try your hand at improv, become a more open, accepting person in your everyday life and make a large group of friends across all year groups, colleges, and the wider town.

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Cambridge Impronauts 14:55 on 8th April Twitter

Just over a year ago at @adctheatre

“Comic Sans Men, Again is an unbelievably good time…fun, irreverent, and genuine – it would be a mistake not to go and see that for yourself”
– Varsity

Cambridge Impronauts 20:41 on 29th March Twitter

Hi All!
We wanted to say a big "thank you" to everyone who attended our free improv workshops last term. You were all so creative and supportive of each other: we had a blast playing with you.
Alex will be back next term with another series of 2-hour workshops (details to follow)

Cambridge Impronauts 15:05 on 20th March Twitter

Don't worry, our Dystopian Tech Comedy: Hacked Mirror won't be topical.
(Last night's was about the surprising intersection between shrimp-fishing and self-driving cars.)
Come for tonight's live performance at 8pm.…

Cambridge Impronauts 17:38 on 19th March Twitter

Tonight's HACKED MIRROR Dystopian Tech #Comedy goes out live at 20:00 UTC
It's free - and will be based on the audience's suggestions.…

Cambridge Impronauts 08:16 on 18th March Twitter

Tomorrow Night!
Hacked Mirror: A live, dystopian comedy.
8pm GMT…

Cambridge Impronauts 22:46 on 16th March Twitter

TRAILER: Hacked Mirror - The Peleton Party
There's a reason the government wants you to keep exercising...
Fri 19-Sun 21 | 8pm GMT…

Cambridge Impronauts 08:16 on 14th March Twitter

TRAILER: Hacked Mirror - Flapjacks
What the heck is a dystopian improv comedy tech drama like? Here's a little clip from rehearsals!

Come see the show
Fri 19-Sun 21 March | 8pm UTC | £ Free…

Cambridge Impronauts 18:23 on 8th March Twitter

Fri 19 - Sun 21 Mar | 8pm UTC | £0
The Impronauts present their first-ever totally online long-form show in their humorous take on dystopian tech dramas – Hacked Mirror.…

Cambridge Impronauts 22:11 on 9th February Twitter

The always charming @ThePhoenixRemix asked us all about tomorrow's #Valentines #Improv #Live show. Read all about it, then head to @adctheatre for your free tickets.…

Cambridge Impronauts 20:56 on 4th February Twitter

Wed 10 Feb (8pm GMT) @adctheatre
Whether you love your partner, your pet or your pal, this show will have you feeling warm and fuzzy!
With an exciting list of Improv games, the Impronauts bring you a unique take on Valentines Day!…

Cambridge Impronauts 19:10 on 31st January Twitter

On Wed 10 Feb, celebrate love with us; in all its forms.
Clickfire - Love Edition will be lighthearted, hilarious, and joyful - just what we all need.
Proud to be creating this with @adctheatre.
Ecstatic that you can get your ticket from them for free!…

Cambridge Impronauts 23:13 on 30th January Twitter

It's been a little while since our "Neapolitan I.C.E." live show, but here's an amuse-bouche from that show to keep you going until we're live again.
Only 17 minutes, so it won't ruin your appetite.

Cambridge Impronauts 13:03 on 30th January Twitter

Heartwarming that @cambridgerag are still finding fun ways to raise money for good causes.
Check out their latest campaign:

Cambridge Impronauts 14:39 on 16th January Twitter

Last year we created a tasty, hour-long, live show "Neapolitan I.C.E." which was made of 3 acts.
We will re-release them in yummy bite-size pieces.
Here's a 17-minute improvised play based on our audience suggestion "Jurassic Park Returns, But Worse!"

Cambridge Impronauts 23:58 on 15th January Twitter

Hello Cambridge! Welcome to 2021!
Wouldn't a bit of creativity, fun and laughter hit the spot this Saturday morning?
For any adults normally/supposed to be in the Cambridge area: a free, online, Improv Workshop - 10am, Sat 16th.
Never tried it? Welcome!…

Cambridge Impronauts 01:09 on 1st January Twitter

May 2021 bring joy, fun, and creativity to you all.

Cambridge Impronauts 22:03 on 24th November Twitter

This is tomorrow!
Take a break with an hour of drama, mystery, comedy and probably some silliness.
All live.
All unique.
All for you.…

Cambridge Impronauts 18:07 on 22nd November Twitter

We love all our members, and wish everyone could get to know them.

One at a time, though, eh?

Cambridge Impronauts 08:23 on 21st November Twitter

We've got another of our fun, free, online, drop-in Improv workshops today - not just for students, but anyone in the Cambridge, UK area! Absolute beginners are welcome.…

10am GMT
Come have a go | We've got your back!

Cambridge Impronauts 21:17 on 19th November Twitter

We just finished a terrific joint workshop with @WarwickImprov. Genie (WITS) and Barney (Nauts) each took half of the group and we played with storytelling.
It's always a great experience to work with new improvisers, especially when they're so talented and friendly!
Thank you!

Cambridge Impronauts 22:55 on 16th November Twitter

Free Live Online Comedy Show!
Make space on your plate for 3 unique flavours.
Improvised Comedy Entertainment is a dish best served cold!

Wed 25 Nov | 7pm GMT

#NarrativeImprov #Comedy #Cambridge…

Cambridge Impronauts 22:27 on 12th November Twitter

"There was a nice underlying theme to each show (I got to be the sluglord, slug king and ..."

Ou latest interview shines a Spotlight on Troupe Director, @CptSlater

Cambridge Impronauts 15:48 on 8th November Twitter…
Viola Spolin was born Nov 7, 1906
Her book "Improvisation for the Theater" is considered the "bible of improvisational theater".

-- Everyone can act. Everyone can improvise. Anyone who wishes to can play in the theater and learn to become 'stage-worthy.'

Cambridge Impronauts 20:37 on 4th November Twitter

Good Improv is great to watch and fun to be a part of.
Read about Alex's experiences and then head to "Impronauts Workshops" on Facebook to have a go yourself.
We run free online workshops for any skill level from "never tried it" to "try and stop me"!


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