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The Cambridge Impronauts are Cambridge's improv comedy troupe, performing in ADC Theatre and the ADC Theatre Bar every term with entirely spontaneous, completely unique and extremely hilarious performances. Shout out a suggestion, sit back and enjoy the show!

The Impronauts also run totally free workshops every week of the Cambridge academic year, open to absolutely anyone who shows up without exception. Come along to our low-commitment, low-pressure and supportive environment to try your hand at improv, become a more open, accepting person in your everyday life and make a large group of friends across all year groups, colleges, and the wider town.

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Cambridge Impronauts 20:50 on 20th May Twitter

We are really pleased to announce that the @impronauts will be performing at #Cambridge #MayWeekMegaEvent this June.

Cambridge Impronauts 09:28 on 16th May Twitter

The band @okgo is encouraging people to find ways to be creative despite physical separation under #ArtTogetherNow.
Thanks to @adctheatre for keeping #Cambridge(UK)'s creativity alive even though people are dispersed.
Enjoy #Clickfire_Improv for free:…

Cambridge Impronauts 19:48 on 12th May Twitter

Our #Clickfire_Improv shows with the @adctheatre are currently performed and broadcast for free. Enjoy!
If you can support the theatre, that would be swell. It does a tremendous job of developing skills on and behind the stage, giving many their first opportunity to perform.…

Cambridge Impronauts 16:04 on 10th May Twitter

Today's #Clickfire_Improv was awesome! Congratulations to all the cast who were proud to Reprazent the middle ages in #Comedy form.
@adctheatre will be re-streaming it 11 May, 7pm BST, £0

Cambridge Impronauts 13:54 on 8th May Twitter

#Clickfire_Improv #Comedy Livestreamed This Weekend for Free around the World! An hour of medieval-themed improv based on your ideas.

2:00pSun, May 10

9:00aSun, May 10

6:30pSun, May 10

9:00pSun, May 10…

Cambridge Impronauts 21:21 on 7th May Twitter

We need your suggestions to make our show happen. Join us for a Livestreamed #Comedy show on YouTube this Sunday.
10 May | 14:00 BST | #Clickfire_Improv
Stay Safe! Stay Indoors!
Invite your friends from around the world!…

Cambridge Impronauts 19:00 on 4th May Twitter

Sunday 10th May | 2pm BST | #Clickfire_Improv
Obey the glorious Slug King and tune in for some Live, Medieval-themed-but-somehow-online #Improv #Comedy by the @Impronauts. We jolly jesters shall prance at your whim and for your amusement!…

Cambridge Impronauts 12:26 on 3rd May Twitter

Next weekend, we'll be performing our second #Clickfire_Improv #Comedy. Join us livestreamed on Sunday 10th, 2pm, or via @adctheatre (7pm BST, Monday 11th May)…

Cambridge Impronauts 18:35 on 27th April Twitter

7pm BST - that's in 25 minutes. Best of all, you don't even have to be in Cambridge as "Teh Internets" go everywhere, and this show is free for everyone!
Have fun, stay indoors, watch #Clickfire_Improv #Comedy, wash your hands.…

Cambridge Impronauts 20:00 on 25th April Twitter

Thanks, @ThePhoenixRemix!
Great interview with our Director @CptSlater for the Free Online Comedy show tomorrow at 2pm:

"why should people get involved?
Because it’s comedy you can control! [...] it’s always wonderful hearing ideas from an audience that we’d never think of. "…

Cambridge Impronauts 18:17 on 24th April Twitter

Hi @Cambridge_Uni, Great to see @adctheatre in the latest alumni newsletter (…)
The ADC will be re-streaming our Online #Comedy Improv show (#Clickfire_Improv) Monday at 7pm BST.
@Impronauts are now a town(s)-and-gown(s) society!

Cambridge Impronauts 22:33 on 21st April Twitter

Our upcoming live online improv show #Clickfire_Improv is being restreamed by @adctheatre on Monday night. We're even in their online brochure:…
How awesome is that?

Cambridge Impronauts 20:14 on 17th April Twitter

Monday 27 April, 7pm, the wonderful @adctheatre we will be streaming Sunday's performance of #Clickfire_Improv. An entirely free hour of improvised games and sketches.
Because we love you.
Use the ticket link here for a free reminder:…

Cambridge Impronauts 20:11 on 17th April Twitter

Sunday 26 April, 2pm, with @adctheatre we will be bringing you #Clickfire_Improv. Entirely free, live-streamed, interactive, improvised games and sketches.
Because we love you.
Subscribe to youtube and save the link:…

Cambridge Impronauts 21:17 on 15th March Twitter

Have a great holiday, everyone.
Keep safe, and we'll see you next term with a new show "Hawaii Impr-0"
It's week one fun!
#HawaiiImpr0 #Improv…

Cambridge Impronauts 09:15 on 8th March Twitter

Impronauts are non-stop!*
Tonight in the @adctheatre Bar, catch our entirely different #improv comedy show at 8pm

*At 9pm we will, in fact, stop. This will be our final Quickfire! for the term, so get some laughs going to tide you over the holidays!…

Cambridge Impronauts 19:20 on 6th March Twitter

Hilarity from Thursday's #improv performers. Be at @adctheatre tonight, but get your tickets early - last night almost sold out.
Comic Sans Men Again…

Cambridge Impronauts 23:48 on 1st March Twitter

This week: 4-7 March, @adctheatre: Comic Sans Men, Again.
#Improv #Comedy from a cast of female and non-binary performers.

Be amazed. Be inspired. Be there.


Cambridge Impronauts 12:32 on 27th February Twitter

Join us for "Comic Sans Men Again" when we return to the @adctheatre stage with an hour of hilarity, without a script or a man in sight. Roman used to think that women couldn't be funny. Silly Roman. Now the time's new, Roman.

4-7 March | 11pm

Cambridge Impronauts 09:50 on 1st February Twitter

#Improgeddon: Big pharMArshmallow!
Never take your meds to the marshmallow factory!
Action, the mother of all eating contests, Africa by Toto and by Lynx, infidelity, and re-unification!

Last chance to see (4****, The Tab) at @adctheatre at 11pm tonight

Cambridge Impronauts 21:05 on 31st January Twitter

4 Stars!
"The performance itself had everything, it had romance, trauma, redemption arcs. It had a concerning comprehensive knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons and it most certainly had laughs, in abundance."
The Tab

See us tonight at the ADC 11pm

Cambridge Impronauts 19:08 on 30th January Twitter

Seriously? Is tonight already the antepenultimate performance of #Improgeddon? Best get down to the @adctheatre to see it.
We won't just go to the end of the Earth for you: we'll cause it!

Cambridge Impronauts 07:34 on 30th January Twitter

Dramatic moments reliving the Goblin Uprising in last night's #Improgeddon at @adctheatre.
Congratulations to cast and crew for an amazing opening night. (@sophSophMARSH: you trained them well!)
Join us tonight at 11pm for a new end to world order.
#comedy #improv

Cambridge Impronauts 19:29 on 29th January Twitter

It's all go for the big stop!
#Improgeddon will end your world tonight for the first time @adctheatre .
Check out our preview article in Varsity:

Cambridge Impronauts 04:51 on 29th January Twitter

The prophesy is upon us:
Tonight (29 Jan)
At @adctheatre
#Improgeddon : the improvised apocalypse comedy
Have the last laugh...

Cambridge Impronauts 08:56 on 26th January Twitter

A trailer for an #Improv show‽
What a crazy idea!
So we did it.
What if #Improgeddon were ... Zombies‽

Come see us handle YOUR choice of ending 29-Jan to 1-Feb @adctheatre

Cambridge Impronauts 09:18 on 25th January Twitter

#Improgeddon rehearsals: What would happen if we all had earworms? Some might disco-dance! Some might get "a bit tetchy"! Another might sing to comfort their spouse!

We open @adctheatre on 29 Jan :

How may we end your world?

#Improv #Comedy #Drama


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