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The Cambridge Impronauts are Cambridge's improv comedy troupe, performing in ADC Theatre and the ADC Theatre Bar every term with entirely spontaneous, completely unique and extremely hilarious performances. Shout out a suggestion, sit back and enjoy the show!

The Impronauts also run totally free workshops every week of the Cambridge academic year, open to absolutely anyone who shows up without exception. Come along to our low-commitment, low-pressure and supportive environment to try your hand at improv, become a more open, accepting person in your everyday life and make a large group of friends across all year groups, colleges, and the wider town.

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Cambridge Impronauts 01:09 on 1st January Twitter

May 2021 bring joy, fun, and creativity to you all.

Cambridge Impronauts 22:03 on 24th November Twitter

This is tomorrow!
Take a break with an hour of drama, mystery, comedy and probably some silliness.
All live.
All unique.
All for you.…

Cambridge Impronauts 18:07 on 22nd November Twitter

We love all our members, and wish everyone could get to know them.

One at a time, though, eh?

Cambridge Impronauts 08:23 on 21st November Twitter

We've got another of our fun, free, online, drop-in Improv workshops today - not just for students, but anyone in the Cambridge, UK area! Absolute beginners are welcome.…

10am GMT
Come have a go | We've got your back!

Cambridge Impronauts 21:17 on 19th November Twitter

We just finished a terrific joint workshop with @WarwickImprov. Genie (WITS) and Barney (Nauts) each took half of the group and we played with storytelling.
It's always a great experience to work with new improvisers, especially when they're so talented and friendly!
Thank you!

Cambridge Impronauts 22:55 on 16th November Twitter

Free Live Online Comedy Show!
Make space on your plate for 3 unique flavours.
Improvised Comedy Entertainment is a dish best served cold!

Wed 25 Nov | 7pm GMT

#NarrativeImprov #Comedy #Cambridge…

Cambridge Impronauts 22:27 on 12th November Twitter

"There was a nice underlying theme to each show (I got to be the sluglord, slug king and ..."

Ou latest interview shines a Spotlight on Troupe Director, @CptSlater

Cambridge Impronauts 15:48 on 8th November Twitter…
Viola Spolin was born Nov 7, 1906
Her book "Improvisation for the Theater" is considered the "bible of improvisational theater".

-- Everyone can act. Everyone can improvise. Anyone who wishes to can play in the theater and learn to become 'stage-worthy.'

Cambridge Impronauts 20:37 on 4th November Twitter

Good Improv is great to watch and fun to be a part of.
Read about Alex's experiences and then head to "Impronauts Workshops" on Facebook to have a go yourself.
We run free online workshops for any skill level from "never tried it" to "try and stop me"!

Cambridge Impronauts 20:41 on 2nd November Twitter

It's dark outside, so brighten your days with another Spotlight. This time we're talking to our President about her Improv Journey.

"If you trust your cast mates, you can fully allow yourself to be in the moment."

Cambridge Impronauts 21:13 on 27th October Twitter

"Doing the music for an Improv show is great ... you can be completely reactive and just go with the flow that the actors are providing, or..."

Cambridge Impronauts 23:43 on 12th October Twitter

Meet another 'Naut!
We spoke to Dylan to get his thoughts on performing with us.

Cambridge Impronauts 20:08 on 11th October Twitter

In the #Cambridge area and want to learn how to do #ImprovComedy for free? Join our Online workshops and we'll support and welcome you into it.
Very friendly and fun - no experience needed.…

Next sessions are Thursday evening and Saturday.

Cambridge Impronauts 20:42 on 9th October Twitter

We are running Free #ImprovComedy Workshops for anyone in Cambridge.
Yes... @AngliaRuskin ... and @Cambridge_Uni ... and others!

Join us at… and we'll get you started.
Absolutely no experience needed!

Online for the moment, but IRL again when we can.

Cambridge Impronauts 18:16 on 5th October Twitter

Hi everyone!
We've got a show on Wednesday 7th (Online and Free)…

But also, we'll be starting our Open Workshops (for any adults in Cambridge) soon where we'll bring you into doing Improv yourself. Join the group for more info!…

Cambridge Impronauts 20:00 on 2nd October Twitter

Welcome to #ARUFreshers and #CambridgeFreshers.
We've got a Free Livestreamed #Improv #Comedy show for you on Wed 7 October

Give us your suggestions on the night and we'll create something brilliant for you.
Like a fancy restaurant.
But Free.…

Cambridge Impronauts 22:33 on 1st October Twitter

Alex joined us last year and is wonderfully talented and enthusiastic. We thought it would be great to get her first impressions of (and a superb insight into) Improv with the Impronauts!

Cambridge Impronauts 20:56 on 21st September Twitter

A huge Cambridge welcome to #ARUfreshers and #CambridgeFreshers!
We know you're going to love it here.
If you'd like to see (or do) #ImprovComedy, give us a follow. We'll be announcing our plans for the term soon.

Enjoy some of last term's shows for FREE:…

Cambridge Impronauts 10:26 on 19th September Twitter

We thought you might like to hear the story behind our most recent show (Weird Ass Podcast), along with other insights from its Director, Helena Forrow.

Cambridge Impronauts 20:25 on 3rd September Twitter

Our show for @cambridgerag streams Friday at 8pm BST.

It's an improvised mystery investigation podcast, and we hope you love it.…

Cambridge Impronauts 19:12 on 2nd September Twitter

Join @cambridgerag for our Improvised Comedy Fundraiser Show on Friday 4th Sep (20:00 BST)…?

Mystery and Laughter await!

Cambridge Impronauts 16:16 on 29th August Twitter

We're doing a show next weekend for @cambridgerag
Follow the event for a reminder!…

#Improv #Comedy

Cambridge Impronauts 20:27 on 27th August Twitter

Fed up of reruns on telly? Check out the show we did a couple of weeks back with @bendyhouseimpro…

Cambridge Impronauts 18:48 on 20th August Twitter

Hello Improv-lovers!
We're doing a show for RAG and we need your prompts.
Please drop them into this form. We promise not to look until showtime!
Please add your brilliance by Noon on Monday 24th August.…
Link to Event to follow soon.

Cambridge Impronauts 21:28 on 19th August Twitter

We just passed 100 Subscribers on YouTube! Thank you to everyone following us there.
Check out some of our past shows, and subscribe for more.…

Cambridge Impronauts 22:55 on 13th August Twitter

So you're #GoingToCambridge? Congratulations!
The Impronauts are an #ImprovComedy troupe based in Cambridge and open to everyone. Follow us here and on Facebook ( to find out about our shows, and how to get involved yourself.


Cambridge Impronauts 22:53 on 13th August Twitter

Are you #goingtoaru? Congratulations!
The Impronauts are an #ImprovComedy troupe based in Cambridge and open to everyone. Follow us here and on Facebook ( to find out about our shows, and how to get involved yourself.


Cambridge Impronauts 21:40 on 13th August Twitter

Congratulations to everyone who will be #GoingToARU or #GoingToCambridge this year. We wish you all the best for your studies.
If you like #Improv #Comedy, #Creativity and a way to meet people outside your own course, follow the Impronauts and Join In!


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