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The Cambridge Impronauts are Cambridge's improv comedy troupe, performing in ADC Theatre and the ADC Theatre Bar every term with entirely spontaneous, completely unique and extremely hilarious performances. Shout out a suggestion, sit back and enjoy the show!

The Impronauts also run totally free workshops every week of the Cambridge academic year, open to absolutely anyone who shows up without exception. Come along to our low-commitment, low-pressure and supportive environment to try your hand at improv, become a more open, accepting person in your everyday life and make a large group of friends across all year groups, colleges, and the wider town.

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Comic Sans: Times New No-Man seeks AD, Producers, Publicity and Welfare officers!

We're looking for: Assistant Director  Producer  Assistant Producer  Publicity Officer, Welfare Officer Please click the advert for more details and prod team application links!

    Contact, before 24th Jul 2022 23:30 for more details.

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    Cambridge Impronauts 15:58 on 3rd July Twitter

    Kind of you to ask! We have created an improvised comedy play in the style of a Reality TV show pilot.
    It'll be freshly created in front of each @Gildedballoon audience every night of #EdFringe at 11pm.
    @OnTheMicUK did this great little interview about it:……

    Cambridge Impronauts 16:17 on 2nd July Twitter

    How was our brilliant new Improv show received when we launched it at Cambridge's @adctheatre?
    See it throughout #EdFringe
    11pm @Gildedballoon
    Just search for "Kimprov" - Tickets on sale!…

    Cambridge Impronauts 07:23 on 30th June Twitter

    Are you also taking an act to #EdFringe?
    Without hyping your own show, recommend one by someone else! #Community, amirite?!
    We'll go first - @matesimprov are doing this:…
    It's very funny (we know them and have seen it). Live (or re-live) the 90's!
    Now you!

    Cambridge Impronauts 23:22 on 29th June Twitter

    We know people in this!
    Science improv‽ The portmanteau practically writes itself!
    Add it to your #edfringe list whydoncha!…

    Cambridge Impronauts 21:54 on 29th June Twitter

    Thank you, @OnTheMicUK, for your "5 Relevant Questions"!
    We hope everyone enjoys this quick and fun interview!
    Check it out, then get your #Kimprov tickets for #EdFringe at @Gildedballoon!

    Cambridge Impronauts 11:45 on 26th June Twitter

    Our poster for #Kimprov at @Gildedballoon for @edfringe 2022.
    It's a fun, friendly, sometimes-overdramatic comedy show. Family and friends who care about each other, even though they might not always show it!
    Tix on sale now via…
    Questions? Ask away!

    Cambridge Impronauts 22:18 on 19th June Twitter

    Thursday August 18th at #EdFringe
    We will bring a taster of "Keeping Up with the Kimprov" to @improvcagematch
    Who will we be up against?
    Come and see!…

    Cambridge Impronauts 14:35 on 11th June Twitter

    Search #Kimprov or Impronauts and you could be "Chuckling with the Chatterley's" or "Laughing with the Lam's" at @Gildedballoon Patter Hoose throughout #EdFringe.
    A Friendly, Funny, Fresh show every night.
    Reality TV without the script.
    #GB2022 #PalsInPink…

    Cambridge Impronauts 13:15 on 3rd June Twitter

    Yay! It's brilliant to be part of this year's #EdFringe! So many intriguing acts to see.
    Catch us at @Gildedballoon with "Keeping Up with the Kimprov" - a wickedly funny take on reality TV.
    #Kimprov #PalsInPink #Improv
    Bookmark us, or buy tickets:……

    Cambridge Impronauts 18:45 on 2nd June Twitter

    Super @ThePhoenixRemix interview. Rachel and Alex are also great coaches for Improv.
    Definitely recommend @sexliesimprov and @matesimprov.…

    Cambridge Impronauts 12:50 on 1st June Twitter

    Thank you, @kenchengcomedy, for this generous "review" of our Improvised #EdFringe show, Keeping Up with the #Kimprov!

    Cambridge Impronauts 22:57 on 31st May Twitter

    We are delighted to be back with our #PalsInPink (@Gildedballoon) for this year's #EdFringe.
    We've got an 11pm lateshow every night bringing you all the pleasure of Reality TV, but without a script.
    Keeping Up with the #Kimprov is a blast!

    Cambridge Impronauts 10:46 on 27th May Twitter

    If you're interested in reading about comedy, music, theatre, follow @ThePhoenixRemix.
    And if you're also going to see, or perform at #EdFringe, we look forward to meeting you there!…

    Cambridge Impronauts 14:54 on 24th April Twitter

    Cheers to all the staff at @cambbluemoon for hosting us and our audience!
    Thanks to @FringeCambridge for creating a laugh fiesta in our city.
    Hooray to the crowd for great prompts and a fun atmosphere!

    Cambridge Impronauts 08:13 on 21st April Twitter

    Jonatan is on keyboard for our 6pm, Saturday show at @cambbluemoon.

    Here's an interview with him from a few years back:

    Get tix to the show at…

    @FringeCambridge #ImprovComedy
    (in rehearsal: the actual show will be much sillier)

    Cambridge Impronauts 08:33 on 20th April Twitter

    High energy, constant laughter: join us at @cambbluemoon on Sat 23 at 6pm for what commenters are already referring to as "An Improv Show".
    Enjoy some other @FringeCambridge shows, too! It's a festival!…

    Cambridge Impronauts 21:45 on 16th April Twitter

    A brilliant preview interview with @tabcambridge. Our new #Improv show, Head2Head will be at @cambbluemoon on 23 Apr as part of @FringeCambridge.…

    Cambridge Impronauts 20:56 on 12th April Twitter

    It's lovely to be featured in @velvetmag for our upcoming @FringeCambridge #ImprovComedy show *Quickfire: Head2Head*.
    Catch us at @cambbluemoon 6pm on Sat 23 Apr.
    Free Tix:…

    Cambridge Impronauts 10:08 on 1st April Twitter

    Chuffed to be a part of #CambridgeFringe. See our #Improv Head2Head show on the Saturday, but block some time out and catch that festival feeling with other acts, too.…

    Cambridge Impronauts 21:57 on 29th March Twitter

    We're delighted to invite you to our Head2Head show on Sat 23 April at @cambbluemoon as part of @FringeCambridge.
    It's a free (bucket collection) show in which two teams of inspirational improvisers battle it out for your applause and laughter.
    Free Tix:…

    Cambridge Impronauts 17:51 on 19th March Twitter

    4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ for #Kimprov!
    Last chance to see this show at @adctheatre tonight at 11pm

    Cambridge Impronauts 13:19 on 17th March Twitter

    The Tab Cambridge have written this super Preview of TONIGHT's show: Keeping Up with the Kimprov at the ADC Theatre!
    Find out what we've got in store for you, then come see it!…

    Cambridge Impronauts 07:27 on 15th March Twitter

    For 17 Mar, tickets to Keeping Up with the Kimprov are Buy One, Get One Half Price
    The finest Reality TV style improv show at @adctheatre this week.
    #Comedy #Kimprov

    Cambridge Impronauts 20:18 on 10th March Twitter

    If you want to be in with a chance of winning tickets for Keeping Up with the #Kimprov, head to our FB page!

    Cambridge Impronauts 00:22 on 8th March Twitter

    Thanks @ThePhoenixRemix ! It was fun talking with you.
    See Keeping Up with the Kimprov at @adctheatre.
    Buy 2 or more tickets to get 25% off on opening night (17 Mar)!…

    Cambridge Impronauts 19:59 on 2nd March Twitter

    J'accuse - ee!
    Keeping Up with the #Kimprov comes to @adctheatre Thu 17 March.
    Here's a scene that won't be in the show.
    (Second rule of improv: there are no spoilers)

    Cambridge Impronauts 23:33 on 27th February Twitter

    #Kimprov poster reveal. With thanks to Becca Tyson for photography!
    Our homage to reality TV (less the scripts) hits the stage of the @adctheatre on 17 March.
    Bring your mates and join us for too much drama in "Keeping Up with the Kimprov"
    #Comedy #Cambridge

    Cambridge Impronauts 23:20 on 10th February Twitter

    The AGM happened and we now have a new committee.
    Thanks to Persephone for being our President last year and congratulations to Jack who will be leading us into 2023!
    Who knows what new adventures await?

    Cambridge Impronauts 11:56 on 5th February Twitter

    We're sorry to announce that we have to cancel the show on Sun 6 Feb due to cast members isolating.
    @adctheatre will provide refunds.
    Do join us on Sunday 20 Feb for the next one!
    We hope you find another brilliant show to support instead this weekend.


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