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The Cambridge Impronauts are Cambridge's improv comedy troupe, selling out the Corpus Playroom and the ADC Theatre Bar every term with entirely spontaneous, completely unique and extremely hilarious performances. Shout out a suggestion, sit back and enjoy the show!

The Impronauts also run totally free workshops every week of the Cambridge academic year, open to absolutely anyone who shows up without exception. Come along to our low-commitment, low-pressure and supportive environment to try your hand at improv, become a more open, accepting person in your everyday life and make a large group of friends across all year groups and colleges!

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Cambridge Impronauts 16:35 on 25th August Twitter

Good times taking a break from our #EdFringe19 #Improv shows for a little D&D with our friends Amy & Killian from @hofimprov…

Cambridge Impronauts 10:29 on 25th August Twitter

#EdFringe19 Recommendation?

We'd love to welcome the whole wide world to "Improv Actually": an improvised rom-com. 12:30 pm at @Gildedballoon Patter Hoose.

"in awe of improv performers’ ability to create a story on the spot"
- Fringe Binge


Cambridge Impronauts 09:23 on 24th August Twitter

#ImprovActually: "Plant-tonic love". Nicholas is a retired headmaster who loves walking. John is a tree-hugger who loves making cosies for the trees in winter. They fall in love at the fete of their local town...
But will their differences be too great?…

Cambridge Impronauts 23:26 on 23rd August Twitter

We're almost at the end of #EdFringe19 so not many more chances to come and see #ImprovActually.
It's at 12:30 @Gildedballoon (Patter Hoose)
And it's suitable for ages 12+ so maybe you can bring the kids……

Cambridge Impronauts 23:00 on 23rd August Twitter

Thanks @BabaBrinkman for organising the Mic Drop yesterday. We had fun inventing the national anthem for a new country and playing a rap battle with you!
#Improv #Comedy

Cambridge Impronauts 07:19 on 23rd August Twitter

A glimpse from an "Improv Actually" show at #EdFringe19

"Love at first bite": Jason Russel is an alligator wrestler who meets Samantha, a doctor who hates animals. Jason falls head-over-heels and lies about his job. Will he be able to make up for it?...…

Cambridge Impronauts 09:34 on 22nd August Twitter

Thanks to @ShellShockImpro for inviting us to the Improv Jam on Tuesday. We had a brilliant time meeting and playing with so many others, and learned some great new short-form games.
Loving #EdFringe19!

Cambridge Impronauts 06:53 on 22nd August Twitter

"You only Olivia once"

Cast: Miguel, Bella, Emil, Jonatan, and guests: Emily Dixon from Oxford, and Will from House of Improv

Olivia is a heart surgeon who loves skydiving, and is often stressed. Stephen, a meditation teacher, is brought into the hospital for staff well-being.

Cambridge Impronauts 18:07 on 19th August Twitter

Yesterday's #ImprovActually show @Gildedballoon:
"How to train your Saxon".
Hengest is a Saxon warlord well versed in war and battle. Saga, a Norse witch, visits the hillfort on a trade mission and they spend time together. \1

Cambridge Impronauts 10:27 on 17th August Twitter

Yesterday we had "Cool Mill", where Rob, a fashion designer who likes cycling and scootering about, meets Denise, a Milan cycle mechanic. They met when Rob has a flat tire and their hands get stuck with the puncture repair glue...
12:30 @Gildedballoon:…

Cambridge Impronauts 08:10 on 16th August Twitter

We had a lot of fun creating "Brie my Baby!" with yesterday's audience of #ImprovActually at #EdFringe19.

Angus was a heavy metal guitarist with a soft heart.
Madame Beauvoir? A ballet teacher.
Could Metal-Ballet lead to love?

12:30 - @Gildedballoon!…

Cambridge Impronauts 07:47 on 15th August Twitter

"Love is in the belly"
Yesterday, the #ImprovActually audience decided that our protagonist was a priest whose hobby was belly-dancing.
Priest Cuthbertson, the vicar in a quiet town, spends Wednesday and Saturday nights on his favourite hobby of belly-dancing.

Cambridge Impronauts 21:58 on 13th August Twitter

Look at the lovely crew from Monday's #ImprovActually
Thanks to @hofimprov for guesting (see their show!)

Today was:
Dylan's last day of the run: Thanks for so much joy!
Matt's first day on keyboard: Thanks for the music!
Tomorrow: Miguel joins us! 12:30…

Cambridge Impronauts 23:09 on 12th August Twitter

"energetic & fun start to Fringe Monday @edfringe
Fun Nuns, fun runs, satanic bands....full marks to the whole cast. Very enjoyable."
Thanks @cbaileynorwich - we're glad you had fun at #ImprovActually today!
We're keen to welcome tomorrow's audience!

Cambridge Impronauts 08:03 on 12th August Twitter

A week and a half in, and It's really great to see #ImprovActually come to life at #EdFringe19. We've all put so much effort into developing the format, and rehearsing it. It's also forced us to work on creating sincere emotion for key moments...

Cambridge Impronauts 11:26 on 11th August Twitter

Yesterday's #ImprovActually was called 'A Dolphin's tale', and it saw Wolfgang the street sweep jockey win their dream guy Amadeus, whose sheltered life had stopped him finding true love. With success in Dolphin riding Wolfgang achieved his dreams, and later they were married.

Cambridge Impronauts 09:03 on 10th August Twitter

"in awe of improv performers’ ability to create a story on the spot" --@bingefringemag

Come and see #ImprovActually today at 12:30 @Gildedballoon (Patter Hoose) with our inspirational guests @hofimprov.
It's an improvised RomCom at #edfringe2019


Cambridge Impronauts 08:28 on 9th August Twitter

For those who can't make our amazing Rom-Com #ImprovActually at #EdFringe2019, or if you're wondering what might be created in a long-form narrative improv show, we've got a synopsis of yesterday's show on our website:


Cambridge Impronauts 17:50 on 6th August Twitter

#ImprovActually review:
" in awe of improv performers’ ability to create a story on the spot [...], and now I hold those who do the same musically in similar esteem."
"the improvised love story managed to be funny and engaging, feeling cohesive throughout"…

Cambridge Impronauts 15:19 on 5th August Twitter

We have loved the energy, ideas, enthusiasm and joy that @betweenusimprov brought. Thank you!
People should definitely go and see their amazing show.…

Cambridge Impronauts 10:57 on 3rd August Twitter

The @Impronauts team are all looking forward to today's #ImprovActually at @Gildedballoon 12:30-13:30.
We're joined by Impronauts-ex-Troupe-Director Persephone, as well as some very talented guest performers.

What love story will we create today?

Join us, and it could be yours!

Cambridge Impronauts 22:19 on 31st July Twitter

We loved performing our Improvised Rom-Com "Improv Actually" today.
A lovely audience, and a beautiful story.

Come and join us every day at 12:30 at @Gildedballoon, Patter Hoose…

Cambridge Impronauts 22:03 on 28th July Twitter

Thanks to @ThePhoenixRemix for this chance to talk about our show #ImprovActually at #EdFring2019.
The cast are really hyped and looking forward to keeping this show going throughout the Fringe period.…

Cambridge Impronauts 17:37 on 28th July Twitter

The narrative heart of "Improv, Actually" is the character arc/evolution of the protagonist. As such, they need to show genuine emotion in their acting.

Cambridge Impronauts 17:33 on 28th July Twitter

When I'm watching a good improvised show, there are several elements that give me joy:
It will be entertaining, funny, and I will care about the characters - much like a good scripted performance.

Cambridge Impronauts 17:11 on 28th July Twitter

#ImprovActually is an amazing show, it brings together the positivity of improv with that of romance. Everyone needs a little love, let the Cambridge Impronauts allure, charm and seduce you, and answer "yes, and".
-- Jonatan Rostén

#edfringe2019 #Improv…

Cambridge Impronauts 18:48 on 25th July Twitter

Albert loved his job as a night watchman at the castle, but he'd always wanted to learn to scuba dive. Will a chance meeting turn his life around forever?
Where will your improv adventure take you? Find love, laughter and adventure at #ImprovActually…

Cambridge Impronauts 18:38 on 25th July Twitter

Amazing! We're looking forward to it so much!…


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