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The Cambridge Impronauts are Cambridge's improv comedy troupe, performing in ADC Theatre and the ADC Theatre Bar every term with entirely spontaneous, completely unique and extremely hilarious performances. Shout out a suggestion, sit back and enjoy the show!

The Impronauts also run totally free workshops every week of the Cambridge academic year, open to absolutely anyone who shows up without exception. Come along to our low-commitment, low-pressure and supportive environment to try your hand at improv, become a more open, accepting person in your everyday life and make a large group of friends across all year groups, colleges, and the wider town.

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Cambridge Impronauts 09:29 on 30th June Twitter

This is a fun format, @ThePhoenixRemix!
Mini interviews with five of our lovely, talented members. What a month it's been!…

Cambridge Impronauts 18:13 on 23rd June Twitter

Wonderful Cian is a fairly new member of our team. Enjoy!…

Cambridge Impronauts 10:23 on 16th June Twitter

Thanks, @ThePhoenixRemix! It was great talking with you.
We still have some in-person, and an arbitrary number of streaming tickets available for TONIGHT's show (#BreakingNewsImprov) at Cambridge's @adctheatre.…

Cambridge Impronauts 08:25 on 15th June Twitter

"’s heartwarming to see that the [@adctheatre] have arranged for groups to be able to sit and laugh together in the auditorium. It is also wonderful that they have set up cameras to live-stream the show..."
-- Preview in @VarsityUK

Cambridge Impronauts 20:10 on 13th June Twitter

#BreakingNewsImprov - Poster for Wed 16 Late&Live Comedy up at the @adctheatre
Breaking story-eggs to make a news-omelette!
Tix for seats or streaming from

Cambridge Impronauts 22:13 on 8th June Twitter

Opinion: Everyone at @adctheatre has worked hard and creatively to provide a platform for artists over the last year. They gave technical training, access to streaming platforms, and encouragement.
They're back: watch someone's show!…

Cambridge Impronauts 19:37 on 7th June Twitter

#BreakingNewsImprov : Late-night #Comedy Show Predicted to be '😄' in Shortest Preview Ever

Wed 16 June | @adctheatre | 11pm BST
In-person and live-streamed tix available NOW

Cambridge Impronauts 23:51 on 2nd June Twitter

Wondering who the #Cambridge #Improv team are behind the @adctheatre 16 June show,
@ThePhoenixRemix was kind enough to interview us:…

Get your tickets and join us in-theatre or live-streamed!

Cambridge Impronauts 21:09 on 2nd June Twitter

What a lovely troupe - supporting the community with a gig-guide like this!…

Cambridge Impronauts 23:43 on 1st June Twitter

What 5-word headline would brighten \your\ day?

Cambridge Impronauts 09:36 on 29th May Twitter

Missing live, in-person comedy? Come to #BreakingNewsImprov at @adctheatre on Wed 16 June (23h BST)
Prefer the at-home experience? They're live-streaming it from the stage!
Details and Tix at

Cambridge Impronauts 09:34 on 29th May Twitter

Missing live, in-person comedy? Come to #BreakinNewsImprov at @adctheatre on Wed 16 June (23h BST)
Prefer the at-home experience? They're live-streaming it from the stage!
Details and Tix at

Cambridge Impronauts 21:39 on 26th May Twitter

16 June | 2300 BST | LIVE at, and LIVESTREAMED from @adctheatre
Join The Cambridge Impronauts as they host a hilarious improvised news show dealing with drama on camera, and behind the scenes!…

Cambridge Impronauts 09:15 on 25th May Twitter

Come to our FREE (no tips) #Improv Workshops…. Any adult (locals, @angliaruskin, @cambridgeuniversity etc) in the Cambridge area welcome.
No experience necessary: we'll welcome you, and show you how to create delightful #Comedy.
Weather -> online/outdoors

Cambridge Impronauts 14:46 on 23rd May Twitter

Characters from our recent #Clickfire show on @adctheatre Online

Cambridge Impronauts 21:02 on 10th May Twitter

As @adctheatre opens up, not only can you see shows in person, but those who are unable to make it in person will now be able to see it livestreamed instead.…

Cambridge Impronauts 09:18 on 8th May Twitter

Thanks to a superly creative and supportive audience, we had a great Movie-themed show on Wednesday (costumes and everything!).

You can still watch it back on YouTube if you missed it:…

Cambridge Impronauts 19:08 on 5th May Twitter

CN// potential mild sexual references and some strong language.

TONIGHT! Trip the red-carpet with your host, the Golden Slug.
Your suggestions will inspire an hour of improvised cinematic silliness.…

Cambridge Impronauts 20:58 on 4th May Twitter

Get the season started as @adctheatre live-streams our #Improv #Comedy show.
All the cinema-inspired scenes will use your prompts, so be sure to join us.
CN// Potential mild sexual references and some strong language
Tomorrow Night | Wed 5 May | 8pm | £0

Cambridge Impronauts 08:42 on 3rd May Twitter

OLD NEWS was good news - From 2020:…
Thanks to @ThePhoenixRemix for covering the start of our Online Clickfire! Improv shows.

You can inspire our NEW LIVE SHOW at @adctheatre Online
Wednesday 5 May 2021 | 8pm UK (19h UTC) | FREE

Cambridge Impronauts 20:11 on 29th April Twitter

"... when I saw that the Cambridge Impronauts were performing during my freshers week, I thought ‘that’ll be fun’. I didn’t realise just how much enjoyment and awe I would feel ..."

Cambridge Impronauts 22:33 on 28th April Twitter

Reach for your zoom lens, and don't trap your fingers in the clapper-board!
That's right, we're going to the movies, and you're all invited!
Join us May 5th at 8pm (UTC+1) at @adctheatre Online for improvised comedy skits and games with a cinematic twist.…

Cambridge Impronauts 20:54 on 24th April Twitter

Grab your popcorn, and put on your 3D specs! The Impronauts are taking you to the movies.
Join us for an hour of live, cinema-inspired comedy: streamed for free in all regions of the globe.

May 5th, 8pm UK Time (UTC+1)…

Cambridge Impronauts 22:13 on 23rd April Twitter

Our free workshops to welcome the people of #Cambridge into #Improv start up again tomorrow (Saturday 24th at 10am).
Join our FB group!…
It's chill, fun, and friendly.
You don't need to think you're funny - we'll do that for you.
Just be you.

Cambridge Impronauts 22:03 on 23rd April Twitter

It's hard to capture creativity, but this is close - an interview with the inspirational Helena Furrow:

Cambridge Impronauts 12:39 on 18th April Twitter

We're back with Impronauts: Clickfire!
A fresh, live-streamed, comedy show of improvised skits and games.
== Wed 5th May, 20h BST (UTC+1) ==
Thanks to @adctheatre for hosting us…

Cambridge Impronauts 14:55 on 8th April Twitter

Just over a year ago at @adctheatre

“Comic Sans Men, Again is an unbelievably good time…fun, irreverent, and genuine – it would be a mistake not to go and see that for yourself”
– Varsity


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