Producer/director roles and show applications

Spoiler Alert

7:00pm, Wed 1st August 2018 - Mon 27th August 2018, Venue to be confirmed
Summer Vacation

Applications to PRODUCE

SPOILER ALERT by Charlotte Cromie, winner of the FOOTLIGHTS Harry Porter Prize 2018, is going to the Fringe!
And we are looking for (one or multiple) PRODUCER(s)!

If you fancy going up to Edinburgh with a show that is ‘consistently charming and funny’ (Varsity - ⭐⭐⭐⭐) and ‘a witty satirisation of identity politics’ (The Tab - ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2), and if you are organised, quite good with spreadsheets, and enthusiastic about comedy / new writing / all of the above, send us an application!

Please include any of the following:
- why you want to be involved with the show
- any experience (though none necessary)
- what you envisage the role of producer to be
- how you imagine Ed Fringe will differ from Cambridge theatre / what obstacles may occur
- any relevant witty anecdotes to entertain us!

Please send all responses or queries to by Friday 23rd March.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Friday 23rd March 12:00pm

Drifting Towers - CUADC

12:00pm, Thu 2nd August 2018 - Mon 27th August 2018, Venue to be confirmed
Summer Vacation

Application to PRODUCE

We are looking for a committed producer to help us take this exciting new hour-long devised comedy to the Fringe! Please send applications to ng417, af608, klfc2. Some things you may wish to include in your application:

- Relevant experience.
- What you see as the challenges of producing a show at the Fringe.
- What you see as the challenges of a devised piece (and specifically selling a devised piece at the Fringe).

Please let us know if there are any other roles you could see yourself doubling up as (stage manager, technician, lighting designer, sound designer, set designer, publicity designer etc).

Pair applications also welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Friday 23rd March 7:00pm

The Servant of Two Masters - Fletcher Players

3:00pm, Sat 16th June 2018 - Sun 17th June 2018, at Corpus Christi College Master's Lodge Garden
Easter Week 7 to May Week

PRODUCER applications

The Servant of Two Masters needs a PRODUCER!

Come and help put on this fantastically funny show, staged outside in the beautiful Master's Lodge Garden! Set in Cambridge in 1980, this production promises to be packed with fun, colour and disco fever...

Compared to other Cambridge shows, the producer role for The Servant of Two Masters is far less strenuous. It is also a completely different production to normal, staged outside with an picnic-eating audience, so it is a brilliant opportunity for people who want to gain experience in theatre-making.

Besides organising a technical team and managing the show's budget, the producer's main role will be to manage publicity: they will have a great deal of freedom for creativity here! This is your chance to create a publicity campaign in your own image, and your ideas and schemes are absolutely welcomed!

Just email with an application including:

- Why you want to produce The Servant of Two Masters.
- What visionary plans you would have for a publicity campaign for a May Week show.
- Any commitments next term.

Deadline: Friday 23rd March 11:00pm

Revived Emmanuel Dramatic Society

Easter Term and Fringe Show Applications

Applications are now open for REDS funding in Easter and the Fringe 2018.

REDS, Emmanuel College's Dramatic Society, is looking to work with and support a range of exciting shows in Easter Term and beyond

Please send in a proposal including information about the show, current production team, ideas for staging, your publicity campaign and production design as well as a detailed budget.

REDS is looking to fund shows based on their artistic merit and not solely on possible financial success. So show us your vision!

Applications to Sammie and Rohan at

Deadline: Sunday 25th March 12:00pm

The Heywood Society

SHOW APPLICATIONS: Easter Term + Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Applications are open for Heywood Society show funding! We are looking for a range of exciting shows to put on in Easter Term and to bring to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. Whether at our very own Friends of Peterhouse Theatre or the Deer Park, at the ADC or Corpus Playroom, we are welcoming any kind of show to apply. For the Fringe shows, it is absolutely fine if you have never been to the festival before. We are happy to give advice if you have any questions about the process.

In your application please let us know:
•what is your show about?
•how much do you expect to spend?
•how would you plan to publicize the show?
•what relevant experience do you and your team have?
And for Fringe shows, please include:
•The venue that you are considering, or at least a list of potential venues
•A draft of the blurb of your show for the Fringe programme (max 40 words)

Submit your applications via email to Kat (kbem2) and Cara (okcf2). Of course, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to get in contact.

Deadline: Sunday 25th March 5:00pm

Saturday, April 7 (Short Film)

12:00am, Mon 16th April 2018 - Sun 22nd April 2018, Venue to be confirmed
Easter Vacation to Week 0

Applications to assistant direct / produce

Saturday, April 7 is a bittersweet, naturalistic short film in the vein of Rohmer (or Linklater). We're going to be shooting with a skeleton crew the week before Easter with a view to a speedy edit.

Please email ap713 with:

- experience (none needed!)
- why you're interested in applying

Deadline: Sunday 25th March 6:00pm

UBU - Cambridge Experimental

8:00pm, Sat 1st September 2018 - Sat 8th September 2018, at V&A
Summer Vacation

Applications for Producer

UBU is happening at the V&A this summer (01 - 08 September 2018), and we're looking for a co-producer.

You will be needed from the 6th of August for the duration of rehearsals, (no Fringe please).

Here is a link to a review of the show:

If interested please email ( with a brief outline of previous experience and why you're interested. Theatre experience is not necessary - we're very interested in people with other creative backgrounds.

Deadline: Saturday 31st March 11:00pm

'Stevenage is For Lovers' at the Edinburgh Fringe: Malcolm and Roger's Wet Waterslide Party - Pembroke Players

5:00pm, Tue 14th August 2018 - Fri 31st August 2018, Venue to be confirmed
Summer Vacation

Applications To Direct / Produce 'STEVENAGE IS FOR LOVERS'

Hiya lads,
Roger and Malcolm have been running the water park at Stevenage for a while now. Problem is, we both failed our D of E (it was that year with the impossible maths question!) so the logistics are a nightmare (Roger has only just stopped wetting the bed - Malcolm should know - they top and tail).

Long story short: Malcolm doesn't have a passport, Roger doesn't have a belly button and neither of them have any life skills. We are looking for A DIRECTOR an PRODUCER for our two week run. If you're interested, pop a little post it through our letter boxes (ep429 / ah914) just explaining a few things:

-How do owls move their heads all the way round?
-Any relevant experience?
-Why do you want to be involved in this show in particular?
-Shag, marry, kill (Malcolm, Roger, Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Happy Sliding,

We'll see you on the other siding


Deadline: Wednesday 4th April 12:00am

How My Light is Spent

7:40pm, Fri 3rd August 2018 - Sat 11th August 2018, at Greenside @ Nicolson Square
7:40pm, Mon 13th August 2018 - Sat 18th August 2018, at Greenside @ Nicolson Square
Summer Vacation

Applications to PRODUCE and ASSISTANT DIRECT at the Fringe!

How My Light is Spent // Edinburgh Fringe is looking for a Producer and an Assistant Director to help take this exciting Bruntwood Prize Winner to the Fringe.

PRODUCERS, you may want to include the following:

- Why you would like to produce How My Light Is Spent
- What ideas for publicity etc. you might already have
- Any relevant experience (not necessary)

AD's, you may want to include the following:

- Why you would like to AD How My Light is Spent
- Ideas you might already have
- Any relevant experience (not necessary)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! And please make sure you check that you are available in August for the Fringe! All questions and applications to apk39!

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Deadline: Sunday 15th April 10:00pm