Producer/director roles and show applications

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead - BTC

7:30pm, Thu 16th February 2017 - Sat 18th February 2017, at Robinson College Auditorium
Lent Week 4

Applications to PRODUCE

// Have you ever wondered if you're not, in fact, the leading role in your own life but, actually, a walk-on part in someone else's tragedy? //

We are looking for an enthusiastic and committed PRODUCER to bring the Week 4 Brickhouse mainshow Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead to life!!

If you are interested in applying please send me ( over a short application of no more than 500 words outlining why this production appeals to you, what you think makes a successful producer and any relevant experience you may have (though this is by no means a requirement)

Deadline: Friday 20th January 8:00pm

BATS Freshers Show - Queens' College Amateur Dramatics Society

7:30pm, Thu 9th March 2017 - Sat 11th March 2017, at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
Lent Week 7

Applications to Direct


BATS is very excited to announce that we are reviving the Queens' Freshers play! Performances will happen in Week 7 of Lent Term on the 9th, 10th and 11th March.

We are opening applications to DIRECT either:

The Roaring Girl
An Ideal Husband
All's Well that End's Well

This is a perfect opportunity to try out directing in a friendly and non-pressurised environment so please consider applying even if you have absolutely no experience!

If you are interested please pick one of these plays and send a short email to detailing why you've chosen that play and your ideas for bringing it to the stage. Alternatively if none of these take your fancy feel free to apply with a show of your own, preferably royalty free or with easily available rights :)


Looking forward to hearing from you,

BATS love xxx

Deadline: Friday 20th January 11:00pm

Cambridge Shorts - CFA

11:00pm, Tue 21st February 2017 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 5

Applications Assistant Direct or Produce the event, or submit films

The ADCs only student film night is back for the third time.

ADs and APs:

ADs - Will help out with film selection, ordering and bring new ideas about how the event should be presented. No experience necessary, just enthusiasm - freshers encouraged to apply.

APs - Will help out with the logistics of the event, co-coordinating publicity, people etc. Again, no experience, just enthusiasm, freshers encouraged to apply.

Should be a great way to get involved in the film and theatre scenes.

If you're interested in being involved, drop Anastasia and Russell an email at and we'll meet up for a chat.

Film Submissions:

Drop Anastasia and Russell email at if you're interested in being included.

We'll need something approaching a rough cut at the end of the month. If you want to have a chat with us before then let us know.

If you're interested in being a part of a future event, or just want some advice getting a project off of the ground, get in touch and we'll try and help you out.

Deadline: Friday 20th January 11:59pm

SCENE - Marlowe

9:30pm, Tue 14th March 2017 - Sat 18th March 2017, at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 8

Assistant Producer

We are looking for a keen and enthusiastic individual to get on board the team of this new and exciting production! As Assistant Producer you would have a hand in helping to manage the organisation of the show, would help with the publicity effort, and would learn about what it takes to get a piece of new writing up and running on the stage.

Deadline: Saturday 21st January 12:00am

MALAMORY - A Sketch Show

11:00pm, Tue 21st February 2017 - Sat 25th February 2017, at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 5


Today in Balamory we're looking for a production team.

Balamory started Miles Jupp's BBC career, and now it could end yours.

Malamory (Corpus Week 5), is a sketch show about children's TV presenters & land territory riffing off of CBeeBies' Balamory . We'll be posting about auditions soon but in the mean time we're looking for :

- A Producer with a keen eye for comedy
- A Set Designer with a love of colour
- A Costume Designer with patience
- An Assistant Producer with more
- A Stage Manager
- A Lighting Designer

Email og262 and ah914 with the title #Archie to register interest.

Deadline: Saturday 21st January 12:30am

Papercuts: Bromley Bedlam Bethlehem

8:00pm, Fri 3rd March 2017 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
Lent Week 6

Applications to Direct and Produce

Looking for a director + producer to take charge of this rehearsed reading. Will require emailing me, reading script, casting, a few rehearsals, watching performance, pub after.

To read the script/apply, email me at rt396.

Deadline: Saturday 21st January 12:00pm


7:00pm, Tue 28th February 2017 - Sat 4th March 2017, at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 6

Applications to Produce

Apply to produce 'Dinner', a show about psychopaths that host a dinner party that isn't Come Dine With Me. When a ‘news babe’, her biologist husband and a Bohemian, ex-lesbian artist are all invited to dinner, no one is expecting a boring evening. The play is a hilarious take on our pretensions and secrets that combines death, less than fine dining, and Welsh people.

The Week 7 Corpus Main is looking for a producer who can help bring this dark comedy to life- no prior experience is necessary (although a willingness to consider how to bring a dish called "Frozen Waste" to the Corpus Playroom is desired). The ideal producer is someone passionate, and organised who is excited to make the production as brilliant as it can be.*

Please email the director at with the following:

1. Why you'd want to produce 'Dinner'
2. A little bit about yourself and your ideas for the production
3. Any relevant (or irrelevant) experience.

Please send all applications by the 21st of January- looking forward to hearing from you!

*No actual cooking experience is necessary in the production of this particular 'Dinner'

Deadline: Saturday 21st January 5:00pm

Anything Goes - MMPS

7:30pm, Tue 21st February 2017 - Sat 25th February 2017, at Magdalene College, Cripps Auditorium
Lent Week 5

Assistant Musical Director

We are looking for an assistant musical director to help bring this show to life! This role would involve accompanying the cast in some singing/dancing rehearsals, as well as potentially helping fix the band and playing in the show itself. Level of commitment is variable - let us know what would suit you. Please email Joanna ( with any relevant experience (none required) - keyboard and sight-reading skills preferred. If you would like to be part of the band please also mention any other instruments you play.

Deadline: Saturday 21st January 11:30pm

Blue Remembered Hills

11:00pm, Wed 1st March 2017 - Sat 4th March 2017, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 6

Applications to Assistant Direct


Ah, childhood. It was great, wasn't it? No late night essay crises, few consequences for throwing a tantrum and compulsive lying viewed as amusing and/or a sign of intelligence. Naturally, you can't go back and relive it (it would, in fact, make you a poor assistant director) but you can get involved with the sort of amusingly twisted little show that promises to capture all the highs and lows of the childhood experience and stick it on a stage for the world to ogle!

This term's ADC Week 6 lateshow, 'Blue Remembered Hills' is looking for a creative, passionate and organised assistant willing (from time to time) to play my fellow adult during the development and staging of this fantastic play by Dennis Potter. Sounds good? Of course it does.

All applications to be sent to and please include the following information in your application:

1. The reason why you would like to be involved with this production.
2. What do you think is the role of an Assistant Director.
3. Any experience you might have, though none is needed!
4. Your favourite childhood game.

I look forward to knowing which of you beautiful people skipped rope and which of you preferred to bankrupt all your friends at monopoly...

Deadline: Sunday 22nd January 12:00am

A Festival of New Writing 2017 - DDS

7:30pm, Thu 9th March 2017 - Sat 11th March 2017, at Howard Theatre, Downing College
Lent Week 7

Applications for Writers, Production Manager and Companies Manager

Applications for DDS Festival of New Writing 2017 are open! The Festival of New Writing is a celebration of the best of new student writing which stages and showcases nine short plays or extracts to an audience and to an top industry panel across 3 nights at the end of Lent Term.


Have you always wanted to try writing but never have? Have you written a play that you'd like to see staged? Care to win £100 for your writing? This is an opportunity for anyone and everyone who's ever thought about writing. We're looking for short plays or extracts of longer plays (between 10 and 20 minutes) of any genre, tone or style. The chosen plays will be performed in front of a panel of industry professionals and guest judges across 3 nights in Week 8 of Lent, and one very lucky play will be awarded the Downing New Writing Prize, which consists of £100 for the writer and the opportunity to develop your play further. Send all applications to before midnight on the 15th January to be in with a chance of seeing your work in the Festival this year.

The Festival is also looking for two energetic and organised managers, a Production Manager and a Companies Manager. Both of these roles promise to be highly interesting and a step outside of the roles Cambridge theatre often has to offer. The managers will support the Festival Director alongside the Downing Dramatic Society and help to deliver a fantastic three days of new writing.

***Production Manager***

Somewhat akin to the role of a producer, the production manager will be responsible for co-ordinating areas such as publicity, ticketing and communicating with the college in order to make sure that the festival runs as smoothly as possible. They will also be liaising with/helping to organise, the festival judges in order to ensure that each night delivers a balanced and interesting set of perspectives.

***Companies Manager***

More of a directing/producing role, the Companies Manager will be responsible for co-ordinating the nine show’s day-to-day running and rehearsals. This includes helping to arrange directors, organising auditions, keeping an eye on the progress of rehearsals and liasing with the show’s directors/writers, in order to determine each show’s requirements, and relaying this to the design team. It will also include helping to source evening entertainment for the show intervals on the night.

To apply, please email with a short paragraph detailing what interests you about the role, any experience you have, which you think might be useful in the role, and (optionally) any ideas which you would like to include in the festival. All applications to be received by midnight on the 22nd January, we look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Sunday 22nd January 11:59pm

A Sudden Burst of Blinding Light - Magdalene Drama Society

11:00pm, Fri 3rd February 2017 - Sat 4th February 2017, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 2


We are looking for an Associate Director to give us a very important perspective on the production before it is revealed to the general public.

It will be a low-commitment role: you'll only need to be present for the full runs of the show (2nd and 3rd February).

If you'd like to apply then send an email to Carine ( explaining why you'd like the role and any relevant experience you have.

Deadline: Thursday 26th January 1:00pm

CUMTS Original Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe - CUMTS

12:00am, Fri 4th August 2017 - Mon 28th August 2017, at Edinburgh Fringe
Summer Vacation

Applications to Direct and Produce

The CUMTS Original Musical this year is going to be unlike any musical before! We plan to tell the story of the six wives of Henry VIII, however, through the form of a 21st century pop concert. The six queens for one night only will be a world famous girl group, and the songs they sing will focus on their experiences, their emotions and their group dynamic, something that we will get to experiment with - think 'The Tudors' meets 'Destiny's Child'! The score will consist of original songs covering many modern pop genres, from Beyoncé 'Single Ladies' style dance numbers, to Sia 'Elastic Heart' style power ballads. The narrative element will be in style of a reunion tour, as the queens briefly chat through their experiences - watch a bit of Beyoncé's 'Live at Rosalind: Elements of 4' concert to get the vibe. There will be lots of opportunities for choreography, character work, technical experimentation (projections, lighting, etc...), as well as six fantastic roles for women in Cambridge, with a couple of supporting 'backing-singer' type roles for men and women. It will have the sass and sparkles of a pop concert, with all the raw and relatable emotions of six of histories most influential and misunderstood women, through a 21st century lens. Creatively, we have set ideas about the form and characters, we have many ideas about the structure and what songs are going to be where and how the stories are going to be told, and we are currently working on the music and speech and how they are going to weave together.

If you're interested in applying to direct or produce this show, please send an email to Megan on detailing what you think you could bring to the show in either of those roles. We are interested in relevant experience and also what your creative contribution could be to a show which hasn't been fully finished yet. Any questions also can be sent to mg764 or

Deadline: Friday 27th January 11:59pm

Cambridge University Light Entertainment Society

CULES Lent Term 2017 - Directors and Producers Wanted!

The Cambridge University Light Entertainment Society (CULES) is looking for directors and producers to work with in Lent term. We currently have one show lined up, UnFrozen, and depending on audition turnout there may also be a second show! UnFrozen is a pantomime retelling of the classic Disney story, with a bit more Bowie and Queen thrown in for good measure.

If you are interested in directing or producing with us, please get in touch with the committee at We're also happy to hear from you if you have any questions. At the end of this message you'll find a bit more information about what it's like to direct and produce with CULES.

Auditions for the cast will be held on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January, by which time we want to have the directors and producers finalised. More information about the auditions will be released closer to the time.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Directors get to cast the show and then run rehearsals, bringing out their cast's artistic talents by telling them where and how to stand. It's very rewarding, and lots of fun, to see a show develop over time. Producers do the behind-the-scenes things like organising rehearsals and making sure people actually turn up. They can also put on socials, and ensure that everyone feels included. There are props and costumes to be found as well, but we can help you with that. Both are great ways to take part, without actually having to act.

CULES is a great place to try out directing or producing, regardless of whether or not you've done it before. Auditions are held roughly one week into the term, giving plenty of time for rehearsals before the
performances. We arrange a number of external shows for you in the last week of term, at venues such as nearby care homes and schools, culminating in a student performance for friends and the public.

Our aim is to bring theatre to those who wouldn't normally get to experience it and this also includes helping people get into directing/producing for the first time, so we're always happy to work with new people! Or perhaps you've done this before but feel like trying something a little more laid back than typical Cambridge theatre. In that case, CULES is also the place for you!

Deadline: Saturday 28th January 12:00am

Smorgasbord - Fletcher Players

9:30pm, Mon 13th February 2017 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 4

****Writing submissions open*****

Join us for your termly friendly neighbourhood evening of new writing! Once again the Fletcher Players bring you Smörgåsbord: a magical event showcasing the most diverse, exciting and original extracts from emerging student playwrights, poets and miscellaneous folks.

Hosted at the Corpus Playroom, this is a casual and informal opportunity for writers to have their work performed on-stage, with the chance for the pieces to be discussed and critiqued afterwards by the audience.

Unlike many other writing events, there are no limits to the works being presented – they can be complete plays, extracts from a larger piece, or rough first drafts – as long as they are up to c. 10 minutes in length.

The deadline for submissions is 12 noon on Friday 3rd February. Please email Carine on or Elinor on or or all three if you have any questions whatsoever!

Deadline: Friday 3rd February 12:15pm

The Spy by the Sea (Short Film) - Raunkiaer

7:00pm, Wed 15th March 2017 at Cambridge, Varde (Denmark)
Lent Week 8

Applications to assistant direct/assistant producer and DOP (Touring opportunity)

The Spy by the Sea is an upcoming amateur short film set between Cambridge and rural Denmark in 1913, it mixes elements of drama, satirical comedy and romance in the vein of Wes Anderson (particularly The Grand Budapest Hotel) and the Coen brothers. You can read more about the opportunity here:

Deadline: Friday 3rd February 11:59pm

Revived Emmanuel Dramatic Society

Lent Show Applications

Applications are now open for REDS funding in Lent 2017.

REDS, Emmanuel College's Dramatic Society, is looking to work with and support a range of exciting shows in Lent Term.

Please send in a proposal including information about the show, current production team, ideas for staging, your publicity campaign and production design as well as a detailed budget.

REDS is looking to fund shows based on their artistic merit and not solely on possible financial success. So show us your vision!

Applications to Os and Adam at

Deadline: Wednesday 1st March 3:00pm

JCI Cambridge Pantomime - JCI Cambridge

7:30pm, Thu 19th October 2017 at Student Union
Michaelmas Week 2

Applications for core production team positions

JCI Cambridge are looking to put on a pantomime from scratch; and by that we mean that we have a few ideas for the script (borrowed from a friend), a date in mind (October) and a possible venue (also borrowed from a friend) but apart from that, we are working from the ground up.

To give a bit of background JCI Cambridge is the local branch of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) which is a network for people in their 20s and 30s. The group is for business networking, training, social networking etc. Every year the group takes on a bigger project, and this year we've decided to put on a panto!

The work of JCI Cambridge supports Centre 33, a local charity that works with young people needing advice and support, and all the proceeds from the event will go to Centre 33.

We're looking for people to fill all the core production team positions e.g. director, producer, musical director and choreographer.

Absolutely no experience is required; as long as you are keen to get involved and have fun trying to put something together for a good cause, we'd love to hear from you.

If you're interested, please email and we'll get back to you!

Deadline: Friday 31st March 9:00am