Producer/director roles and show applications

The Sorcerer - G&S

7:45pm, Thu 23rd November 2017 - Sat 25th November 2017, at Robinson College Auditorium
Michaelmas Week 7

Applications to Produce the Sorcerer!

The Sorcerer is a comic operetta about two lovers who commission a love potion from the Sorcerer J.W. Wells. It combines humour and wit with excitement and tension, all to the music of one of Britains musical greats!

We are looking for a Producer to bring this fantastic show to life in November! This Freshers' show is a brilliant way to gain experience and put on a wonderful show in the process!

To apply, email an application to Jonatan Rosten on as soon as possible, including what role you are interested in and why, as well as any relevant experience (you don't need to have produced before, but any experience acting/organising/orchestra is interesting).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, via

Deadline: Wednesday 30th August 11:45pm

Ruddigore - G&S

7:45pm, Thu 8th February 2018 - Sat 10th February 2018, at West Road Concert Hall
Lent Week 3


We are looking for a Producer for Ruddigore, the GnS society's lent term main show, our flagship show in Cambridge! The show is an operatic satire of Victorian melodrama, it combines funny and majestic, all to some fantastic music. This production will take place at the West Road concert hall in early February 2018 and will be a great experience for all involved!

We're looking for someone organised to take on a show on a greater scale in terms of organisation and budget than most shows in Cambridge. This is for someone who wants a producer challenge, and it's ideal experience for someone who want to produce shows within and beyond Cambridge.

Email your applications including why you think you're suitable and any relevant experience to Jonatan Rosten on as soon as possible. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us (same address).

Deadline: Wednesday 30th August 11:45pm

The 2018 Arts Show - Marlowe

7:45pm, Wed 24th January 2018 - Sat 27th January 2018, at Cambridge Arts Theatre
Lent Week 1

Applications for Producer and Assistant Director

Applications are now open to produce and assistant direct the 2018 Arts Show.

The producer is the central point of contact for the show, handling all interface between the society, our professional director and designers, and the staff of the Arts theatre. We are looking for someone supremely organised, capable, self-motivated, tactful, unflappable, and creative. The producer's work will start at the beginning of Michaelmas term and continue until get out. They are responsible for assembling the student production team, coordinating logistics, monitoring the budget, and creating a publicity campaign.

The AD will work with our professional director from start to finish, auditions to closing night. They are involved in every aspect of the production as they shadow the director and take on their own responsibilities. Our professional director takes on a mentoring role that often lasts beyond graduation and into the professional world. ADing is both extremely demanding and remarkably rewarding. It requires organizational skills, self-motivation, and reliability, as well as directing ability.

The show will be announced officially in September, but we can confirm that it will be a Shakespeare play.

Auditions for this year's Arts Show will be held on Saturday, October 14, and Sunday, October 15. Rehearsals will start in December, pause over the Christmas vacation, and continue fairly intensely until
the show, with actors and AD remaining after the end of Michaelmas and returning before the start of Lent. The week of the show will require that the AD be present at the theatre all day for the majority of the week.

Anyone interested in applying for producer or AD should email with the following information by September 15:

-Your year
-Prior producing or directing experience
-What do you hope to get out of the Arts Show, and what makes you a good candidate?
-Theatrical CV, if available

Finalists will be notified via email, and Skype interviews will take place in late September. Any questions? Email Molly at

Deadline: Friday 15th September 11:00pm

Cambridge Shorts - CFA

11:00pm, Tue 17th October 2017 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 2

Film Submissions

Cam Shorts are looking for films again! Drop Anastasia and me an email at if you have something you want to submit.

We really need at least a very rough cut by the end of September. If you have any questions, or are interested in making something for this or a future event but don't know where to get started, get in touch.

Also it'd would be great to hear soon from people intending to submit something, just so we can keep on top of how everything is going over the next couple of months.

Deadline: Saturday 30th September 11:59pm

The Dryden Society


The Dryden Society is on the lookout for new and exciting talent to fund for Michelmas 2017!!
Please apply writing NO MORE than 2 sides of A4 including answering the questions:

1. A brief synopsis of the play
2. Your ideas for staging the play
3. Your ideas for rehearsal and how you would tackle taking the show to the Fringe
4. A budget outline
5. Information about Fringe Venues


We look forwards to hearing from you!

Deadline: Friday 6th October 12:00am