Assassins - CUMTS

7:45pm, Tue 13th February 2018 - Sat 17th February 2018, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 4

*** AUDITIONS for the CUMTS musical: ASSASSINS ***

We are looking for a Killer Cast of 10!! [9 assassins + a fictional proprietor]

All the roles are relatively equal in size and very different. *exciting*
Race and Gender are not set for any of the parts.

For the Audition:

- Please sign up for a 10min slot with your name and CRSid

(depending on demand, more slots may be added)

- Please prepare a song of your choice + BRING the sheet music along with you! (if you have any issues finding the music, please email // you can also choose to sing a cappella)

- The monologue extract will be available at the door! An american accent of sorts would be great but not necessary.
You can also find it here:

If you have any questions or can't make any of the times, feel free to message me or send me an email !

Looking forward to seeing you all! (witnessing some history)

  • Tue 21st Nov, 3:00pm-7:00pm, ADC Bar

Contact before 7:00pm Wed 22 Nov for more details.


7:00pm, Tue 27th February 2018 - Sat 3rd March 2018, at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 6


We need a small cast of creative actors to bring this Shakespeare play to life.

The show will take shape around its ensemble - we have no parameters or preconceptions regarding the gender or race or accent (or in fact height/age/build/hair-colour/shoe-size) of any of its characters - so come and show us YOU and your individual energy as a performer. This show IS for you.

Actors of all experience are welcome: we are looking for enthusiasm and openness to a collaborative and experimental rehearsal process.

For the first round of auditions please prepare A VERSE MONOLOGUE FROM A SHAKESPEARE PLAY lasting approximately 2-3 minutes. This does not have to be memorized, but please print a copy for us to look at with you when you come in.

ALTERNATELY, we will have extracts on the door.

To audition, please book a 10 minute slot on the doodle poll link below:

AUDITIONS ON THE 27th MONDAY // 7PM - 10PM// will be in the OLD EMMAnual college JCR



28th TUESDAY // 7PM - 9PM // at OLD EMMAnuel college JCR

If none of the audition times work for you and you still have BURNING desire to get involved please email and we will try our best to be accommodating. Please also get in contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Best - Anna, Shimali and Will

    Contact before 1:00pm Wed 29 Nov for more details.

    Dear Lupin

    7:00pm, Tue 30th January 2018 - Sat 3rd February 2018, at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 2

    Dear Lupin (week 2 Corpus mainshow) is looking for two actors to play the following parts:

    Roger Mortimer
    Charlie ‘Lupin’ Mortimer

    This play is based on the letters sent by racing journalist Roger Mortimer to his son, Charlie Mortimer, whom he nicknamed Lupin. Charlie is a wild, rebellious young man who makes his way across the world, while his father is sardonic and pragmatic, dispensing advice, relating anecdotes, and trying to keep his son on the straight and narrow. What starts out light-hearted delves into more serious issues, such as the personal tolls of addiction and bereavement, but always through the lens of their family bond.

    Auditions are open to all students at Cambrigde universities and will be in the ADC theatre bar at the following times:
    27th November, 3pm-6pm
    28th November, 11am-1pm

    We’re looking for two male actors. Auditions will be colourblind. Resemblance to the real-life Roger and Charlie Mortimer is not required. Extracts will be available on the door and will soon go up online. Email us (or contact us via camdram) if you’d like a reminder when we release extracts, to ask for directions to the bar, or to organise a separate audition if you can’t make these times.

    • Mon 27th Nov, 3:00pm-6:00pm, ADC theatre bar
    • Tue 28th Nov, 11:00am-1:00pm, ADC theatre bar

    Contact and before 1:00pm Tue 28 Nov for more details.

    Footlights Harry Porter Prize Winner 2018 - Footlights

    11:00pm, Wed 7th March 2018 - Sat 10th March 2018, at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 7

    *** submissions are now open for the Footlights Harry Porter Prize for playwriting ***

    The Harry Porter Prize is an annual new writing competition for a one-hour comic play, set up in memory of the late Dr Harry Porter, Footlights' long term senior archivist. Submission is open to all and the winning play will be awarded a late-show run at the ADC Theatre.

    *** The submission deadline will be midday on SATURDAY 20th JANUARY 2018 ***

    All scripts must be delivered (via hand or post) to the following address:

    Ruby Keane
    The Cambridge Footlights
    ADC Theatre
    Park Street
    CB5 8AS

    All submissions must attach a cover letter to their script detailing the title and author of the play but have NO OTHER EVIDENCE of authorship anywhere on the script, as this is an anonymous judging process.

    Please interpret the description 'comic-play' however you like. Previous years have produced a huge variety of scripts, so don't feel at all constrained by what you think we might be looking for. The only criteria are: that the script is dramatically engaging, roughly one hour, and original work.

    Soon after submission a shortlist will be announced, and will then be passed on to this year’s ex-Footlights judge. Last year’s shortlist was judged by John Finnemore (Cabin Pressure, That Mitchell & Webb Look, John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme, etc.), so keep your eyes and inboxes peeled for the announcement of this year’s judge.

    Submissions are open to absolutely anybody at Cambridge or Anglia Ruskin Universities. If you have any questions about the prize/process, feel free to email Ruby at

    • Sat 20th Jan, 12:00pm-12:00pm, ADC Theatre

    Contact before 12:00pm Sat 20 Jan for more details.

    Footlights Presents: Pen Pals - Footlights

    11:00pm, Wed 31st January 2018 - Sat 3rd February 2018, at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 2

    -A sketch show about the letters that get lost in the post-
    Dear Pen Pal,
    Good news! I managed to pick up a copy of the 2006 Harry Hill’s TV Burp annual from an Oxfam bookshop to replace the one that was stolen! Happy days! In fact, on that subject, ‘Footlights Presents: Pen Pals’ is after some writer/performers!

    Sign up for a 10 minute slot on their Doodlepoll
    Thursday 23rd Nov, 1-4pm (VENUE TBC)
    Saturday 25th Nov, 9.30am-12.30pm (VENUE TBC)
    Sunday 26th Nov, 10am-1pm (VENUE TBC)

    For the audition you’ll need to bring along 3 new sketch ideas (can be p. rough - not fully written, just ready to briefly describe) and also write a whole new sketch for 2-4 people (please bring paper copies) which you’ll briefly stage and workshop with the writer/performers already on board during the audition.
    If you have any questions, send them to!
    Anyway, I saw the opportunity and I thought of you. No pressure. Might be fun. Thought you would be interested.
    I eagerly await your reply.
    Your Pen Pal x
    P.S. So sorry to hear about Vernon’s party! Did Peter Crouch’s eye get better?

      Contact before 12:00pm Fri 01 Dec for more details.

      HATCH . 2 --- Christmas Edition --- - Marlowe

      7:30pm, Mon 27th November 2017 at The Cambridge Union
      Michaelmas Week 8

      Following our SELL OUT '17-'18 debut at The ADC, The Marlowe Society's HATCH.2---Christmas Edition--- is coming to The Cambridge Union on Monday, November 26th : 7.30pm.

      HATCH is an evening of new writing by students: encompassing all genres and formats from prose to poetry and scripts.

      We emphasize that- in keeping with the writers' group we have founded this year- the night is here to facilitate your work in development. You should feel comfortable trialing your writing in front of a community who is at once constructively critical but, centrally, supportive of you as a creative.

      Distinctively from group sessions, a HATCH gives writers the opportunity to work with directors and performers to bring their work alive onstage: and we encourage this process be treated as a collaboration.

      Writers can submit anything they are working on , however, if you need a stimulus for this HATCH: the word is 'Christmas'.

      Categories for submissions are: 10 mins and under, 5 mins and under and 1 minute and under : so whether it's a line, verse, or 10 page epic...we want to see it.
      We will curate an hour (approx) of material for the evening.

      Applications are open for:

      WRITERS- Please send your submissions to / cc og262. You may specify an individual or team of directors/ actors you would like to work with.

      DIRECTORS- Please apply by registering interest in an email to cc og262

      ACTORS- Please apply by registering interest in an email to cc og262

      DEADLINE: 22nd November, 12pm.

      Groups will be allocated over the 23rd and 24th November. Rehearsals are to be organised that weekend by your director . We recommend 2-3 hrs rehearsal : work should be thoughtfully staged but can be script in hand. Poets and prose writers should note that we are happy to facilitate you in staging your work.

      We look forward to hearing from you : )

        Contact (cc og262) before 12:00pm Wed 22 Nov for more details.


        7:00pm, Tue 16th January 2018 - Sat 20th January 2018, at Corpus Playroom
        Lent Week 0

        Corpus Week 0 Main NSFW is looking for a fabulous cast of 6 to bring this biting black media satire to life!

        'No one buys our publication principally for the literature. I think it's important to acknowledge that.'

        Auditions are open to all, with absolutely no experience required - just bring your enthusiasm and darkest sense of humour along to ADC Dressing Room 1 at some point from 14:00-18:00 on Sunday 26th or Monday 27th November! Both sessions will be drop in so there's no need to book a slot, but please do try and come as early as you can on the day to make sure everybody can be seen.

        Extracts will be on the door, or drop me (Kim) a quick email at if you'd prefer to give them a look through beforehand (no expectation to have learned anything either way!) Any questions, or if you'd like to audition but can't make these times, get in touch and I'm sure we can sort something out.

        NB As a Week 0 show I'm aware this will involve an early return to Cambridge after the holidays. Exact date to be confirmed and can be fairly flexible around cast/crew availabilities, but if you can foresee accommodation being a problem please don't let this put you off auditioning - I have a sofa and I am not afraid to use it.

        Cannot wait to see you!

        • Sun 26th Nov, 2:00pm-6:00pm, ADC Dressing Room 1
        • Mon 27th Nov, 2:00pm-6:00pm, ADC Dressing Room 1

        Contact before 11:00pm Mon 27 Nov for more details.

        Piranha Heights

        7:45pm, Tue 23rd January 2018 - Sat 27th January 2018, at ADC Theatre
        Lent Week 1


        ALAN - white male, 30s

        TERRY - white male, 30s

        MEDIC -BME male, late teens/early 20s

        LILLY -BME female, late teens/early 20s

        GARTH- white male/female/nb person, late teens

        Cast will be required to rehearse in Cambridge outside of term ideally from the 4th -13th (ish) December, and be back from the 8th January. If this is a problem with regards to finance or particular dates that you can't do please let me know when you come to audition or drop me a message about whatever you might be worried about at - and we can try and work something out together!

        AUDITIONS IN DR2 SUNDAY 19th NOVEMBER 10am-1pm

        IN LARKUM MONDAY 20th 10am- 1pm

        Please sign up for a 10 minute slot below!


        Please have a look at extracts you will be asked to read, which include a bit more information on the characters, here (these will also be on the door). They are quite challenging, but please just bring as much energy as possible, and for Terry, Alan, Medic and Garth, please make sure to attempt a London(/'cockney') accent!

        Please be aware the extracts contain references to graphic violence.


        CN: misogyny, graphic violence, gendered violence, physical and verbal abuse, homophobia

        EXTRACTS :

        SIGN UPS:

        Then, please sign up for a 10 minute slot on the doodle poll here:


        Rehearsals will aim to be as collaborative and interesting a process as possible for cast and crew. Actors will have a great deal of input into the shape of the show.

        Any questions about the play -anything at all- drop me a line at Really look forward to seeing you!

        • Mon 20th Nov, 10:00am-1:00pm, Larkum Studio

        Contact before 11:59am Mon 20 Nov for more details.


        7:00pm, Tue 13th February 2018 - Sat 17th February 2018, at Corpus Playroom
        Lent Week 4

        ! ⁄ ! AUDITIONS for POMONA are happening ! ⁄ !

        Alistair McDowall was described by Simon Stephens as “the most exciting playwright to emerge out of English theatre in the past five years’’ … his props list includes: 100 McNuggets, a Rubik’s cube, Cthulhu mask (look it up) … Want to be part of the cast that brings his darkly comic script to life? Thought so!

        Corpus Playroom is becoming the twisted modern world of Pomona, and we are looking for 7 sparkling actors (4 Female/Non-binary and 3 Male/Non-binary) to take on the some of the most complex and generous roles in modern drama.

        To fully exploit McDowall’s surreal script, the production will blend together naturalism and physical theatre, and the cast will be working closely with the tech team— so we particularly encourage actors who are interested in experimenting with different techniques and pushing themselves to audition!


        There will a DROP-IN audition session on SATURDAY 25th:

        Saturday 25th, ADC Bar: 11am-1pm

        Extracts will be on the door— but please don’t hesitate to email Jess if you’d like to look at them in advance!

        ** CN: mention of rape, violence, domestic abuse. ** These topics will be treated very sensitively throughout the rehearsal process- if you would like any more clarification on this, do do drop Jess a message!

        • Wed 22nd Nov, 2:00pm-6:00pm, ADC Theatre, Larkum Studio
        • Thu 23rd Nov, 2:00pm-6:00pm, ADC Theatre, DR1
        • Fri 24th Nov, 2:30pm-5:00pm, Corpus Playroom, Auditorium
        • Sat 25th Nov, 11:00am-1:00pm, ADC Theatre, Bar

        Contact before 10:00pm Sun 26 Nov for more details.

        Ruddigore - G&S

        7:45pm, Thu 8th February 2018 - Sat 10th February 2018, at West Road Concert Hall
        Lent Week 3

        G&S Society's Lent term show at West Road, Ruddigore, is holding auditions starting this Saturday and Sunday! It promises to be our biggest and best show of the year and one of the biggest productions Cambridge has to offer, so it's well worth a look!

        Take a look and sign up here:

        Ruddigore is an operatic satire of Victorian melodrama and combines comic opera with some of Sullivan's most majestic music - and some really fun roles!

        Auditions 10am-12.30pm Saturday 18th and 8pm-10pm Sunday 19th (more to be added soon so don't panic if you can't make those)

        Prepare any song or aria and bring music with you (though if you're singing G&S we have music)

        • Sun 19th Nov, 8:00pm-10:00pm, TBC

        STORMFACE (This As Well)

        11:00pm, Wed 28th February 2018 - Fri 2nd March 2018, at ADC Theatre
        Lent Week 6

        Kate Collins’ new play STORMFACE (This As Well) is looking for FOUR actors to help bring this great (and I mean really bloody great) script to life!

        O and J are thinking about having a baby. R has lost his job (and is worried he’s losing his mind). E is waiting on a call from NASA. ‘STORMFACE’ is a brand new play that sees their stories intertwine, exploring femininity, love, and how it feels to know the world wasn’t quite made for you.

        We are looking for 1 M/NB actor and 3 F/NB actors: auditions are open to all but we particularly encourage all queer/gender non-conforming actors to get involved!
        WEDNESDAY 22ND NOVEMBER IN THE ADC BAR 11:00 - 13:00
        THURSDAY 23RD NOVEMBER IN THE ADV BAR 15:00 - 18:00

        Auditions are on a drop-in basis.

        EXTRACTS ON THE DOOR but please do get in touch if you would like to see the extracts beforehand (agh50 or klfc2)

        *** CNs for the play: Scenes of a violent nature, Self harm, Homophobia, Transphobia, Gender discrimination, Family issues ***

        • Wed 22nd Nov, 11:00am-1:00pm, ADC BAR
        • Thu 23rd Nov, 3:00pm-6:00pm, ADC BAR

        The Oresteia

        7:45pm, Tue 30th January 2018 - Sat 3rd February 2018, at ADC Theatre
        Lent Week 2

        AUDITIONS for the ADC Week 2 Mainshow

        · The Oresteia ·

        Are being held this week!


        Thursday 16th November 2-6pm @ ADC Theatre Bar
        Friday 17th November 2-6pm @ Dressing Room 2, ADC Theatre
        Saturday 18th November 4-8pm @ Dressing Room 2, ADC Theatre
        Sunday 19th November 8-11pm @ Dressing Room 2, ADC Theatre - DROP IN - no doodle poll slot required

        We are looking for a passionate, hard working cast to help create this challenging and ambitious tragedy. This production is looking to emphasise the raw, visceral energy of Aeschylus' play: to take the electricity generated in the rehearsal room and lay it bare on the ADC stage.

        Please sign up to a ten minute slot via doodle poll. To do this, follow the link below and select a slot, filling in your name and CRSid.

        EDIT: All slots have been booked so a drop in session has been added on Sunday. If you cannot make Sunday please drop us a message and we can do our best to fit you in! If you can no longer make (or have forgotten) your doodle slot, please let us know!

        Auditions are open to all!

        Extracts will be available on the door. You may wish to arrive before your slot in order to look over these.

        The auditions will be race blind and gender blind.

        Audition extracts are available here:

        Please note that this is the basis for our adaptation. A few odd phrasings and archaisms will be ironed out over Christmas, but the adaptation will be in this verse style!

        If you have any questions about anything (doodle poll, the location, how auditions work) please feel free to get in touch!

        If you want to know more about the production you can view the pinterest board here:

        Please note: principal actors should preferably be in Cambridge from the 6th January to start rehearsals. Don't worry if this is a problem, we can offer assistance on coming back early!


        Exposed across an empty stage, the world’s oldest tragedy ricochets back into existence.

        The Oresteia is reborn.


        Keep updated by clicking 'going' on the Facebook event:

        • Sun 19th Nov, 8:00pm-11:00pm, Dressing Room 2, ADC Theatre

        The Road to Nowhere

        5:00pm, Thu 8th February 2018 - Fri 9th February 2018, at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
        Lent Week 3

        Two brothers join a cult.
        Rather than 'it was all too good to be true' we instead witness the dangers of ideological zealotry as our characters are enveloped entirely into the commune.

        Everyone is disingenuous and hyper-naive, leaving cynicism and scepticism to the audience.

        Through this irreverent ideological examination, things turn for the worse as we begin to question trust, faith and mortality.

        We are looking for actors (gender-blind) to play:
        Two brothers challenge the boundaries of a lifelong relationship
        The pater familias has his own suspicious intentions
        The outcast who is ostracized yet untouchable
        The grand denomination ringing out their doctrine in unison

        • Fri 24th Nov, 1:30pm-4:30pm, Corpus Playroom - Small Dressing Room
        • Sat 25th Nov, 1:30pm-4:30pm, Corpus Playroom - Small Dressing Room

        Contact before 12:00am Sun 26 Nov for more details.

        There Is A War

        7:00pm, Tue 23rd January 2018 - Sat 27th January 2018, at Corpus Playroom
        Lent Week 1

        T H E R E - I S - A - W A R is a comedy by Tom Basden (Ex-Footlights President and writer of Channel 4's Fresh Meat/ ITV's Plebs)

        Aesthetic: Grey rubble punctuated very rarely by a splash of bold colour (pallet inspired by Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom)... a mark of humans barely surviving in a struggling land . Wild camping scout tipis line the stage.

        Synopsis: As soldiers, priests and scavengers roam a battle-scorched landscape, young medical officer Anne, desperately trying to reach a front-line hospital, finds herself abandoned and useless. The war is raging between the almost indistinguishable Blues and Grays, with no end in sight. On her journey Anne encounters, amongst others, an angry priest, some blasé gravediggers, a clown, a group of campaigners and a recently promoted General. But no one seems to know what exactly it is they’re mean to be fighting for. As grenades fly over head, Anne bumps in to Jess from her Year 3 primary school class ...and nearly gets shot for stealing an apple.

        Casting: We are casting for 14 roles including a female protagonist , a male supporting lead and a range of parts that lend themselves to gender blind casting. We're looking for performers with high levels of naturalism and comic timing.

        Extracts will be available outside the audition room but please feel free to read the script via the link given here.

        Link to play: (please note - this comedy will be cast race blind ).

        Moodboard on Pinterest here:

        Please see an example of one of my previous directorial collabs on comedy (The Willows In the Wind) with designers on my website here:

        Sample of the kind of music (here 3WW by Alt-J) we are looking to use in the play:

        • Sun 19th Nov, 6:00pm-8:00pm, ADC Dressing Room 2

        Wander - CUADC

        7:45pm, Tue 20th February 2018 - Sat 24th February 2018, at ADC Theatre
        Lent Week 5

        We have three general slots, on the Monday, Tuesday and Friday (for Monday and Tuesday you must sign up for a slot on this doodle poll - - and Friday is general drop-in). The rest of the slots are specifically either BME, LGBT+ or non-binary, and are drop-in slots, so you can just turn up. PLEASE don’t come to one of these specific slots if you don’t identify as these identities, but if you are BME, LGBT+ or non-binary you are welcome to come to one of the general slots!

        We are looking for:

        ENSEMBLE – We are looking for between 8 and 12 ensemble members to create this beautiful world! You won’t be in the background – this show will be shaped by its ensemble! We haven't decided on specific names or identities yet because a large proportion of this show is going to be devised by all of us together. Characters will emerge through the rehearsal process, and depend hugely on the unique cast dynamic, and whatever you gorgeous people bring to the rehearsal room. All we want is enthusiasm, creativity and playfulness! There will be a great many spoken roles, as well as lots of physical theatre, storytelling using puppetry, shadow theatre and mask, and celebrating in a festival of light and life! People of all genders, ethnicities, sexualities, accents, vibes, shapes and sizes are welcome.

        FARYN (BME, LGBT+) – Our protagonist is a girl on the cusp of womanhood balancing her curiosity and fear of the world around her.

        ELDER (non-binary) – The personification of the tree Faryn lives in - her family tree - Elder is all the women Faryn has descended from. They are wise and ageless.

        KENSA (LGBT+) – A spirited young woman, also fifteen, who sees something in Faryn that she likes, and decides to coax her out of her shell.

        Experience is absolutely not necessary. We want to work closely with you, and develop whatever skills you have to offer! We are all about the process This project will be largely workshop-based, so it's going to be really exciting! If you have any *special skills* like a passion for dance, singing, playing an instrument, circus skills, really good at jumping, anything at all, please tell us in the audition! We would love to work it in.

        The audition itself will be five minutes long! We will ask you a few questions and then have you perform one of the extracts (keep an eye out for extracts, which we will be posting a link to either today or tomorrow – we will also leave extracts on the door). Feel free to prepare for this, or just have a go on the day – whatever works best for you! We may then give you some direction or ask you to have a go at a different extract, which we won’t expect to be polished at all, so don’t worry! Your audition may not follow this structure exactly so don't be worried/discouraged if it deviates a bit, this is just for you to get an idea of what to expect! Please email us if you have any questions about the audition process or if you can’t make any of the slots, we're committed to seeing everyone that wants to audition!

        We look forward to seeing you there!

        • Mon 20th Nov, 6:00pm-7:30pm, Larkum Studio, ADC
        • Tue 21st Nov, 11:00am-12:00pm, Larkum Studio, ADC
        • Wed 22nd Nov, 11:00am-2:00pm, Larkum Studio, ADC (BME ONLY)
        • Thu 23rd Nov, 3:00pm-6:00pm, Larkum Studio, ADC (LGBT+ only)
        • Fri 24th Nov, 11:30am-1:00pm, Larkum Studio, ADC
        • Sat 25th Nov, 11:30am-1:00pm, Dressing Room 1, ADC (BME ONLY)
        • Sun 26th Nov, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Larkum Studio, ADC (NON-BINARY ONLY)

        Contact Faye -, Claire - before 3:00pm Sun 26 Nov for more details.