A Taste of Honey - Fletcher Players

7:45pm, Tue 21st February 2017 - Sat 25th February 2017, at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 5

Auditions for A Taste of Honey

We still need a fabulous actor to play the part of Jimmie in A Taste of Honey! Jimmie is a young, black male who is a sailor and falls in love with Jo, the protagonist of the play, and gets her pregnant before going off to the sea again to do sailor-y stuff. He's a truly lovely character to play.

Parts available:
Jimmie - black male actor.

Auditions are @ the CORPUS PLAYROOM in the Large Dressing Room: Saturday 21st January 15:00-17:00

If you have any enquiries please email Mollie at the address attached. If you can't make the audition time stated please let me know so I can arrange something different.

    Contact before 3:00pm Sat 21 Jan for more details.

    Anything Goes - MMPS

    7:30pm, Tue 21st February 2017 - Sat 25th February 2017, at Magdalene College, Cripps Auditorium
    Lent Week 5

    Please sign up for a ten minute audition slot, and prepare any piece of musical theatre to perform. Please bring sheet music to the audition if possible.

    Anything Goes is a classical musical comedy set in the Jazz Age with an unforgettable Cole Porter score and brilliant lyrics by PG Wodehouse. Jon in the chaos aboard the S.S. American with stowaways, love triangles and a few cases of mistaken identity.

    Feel free to contact lvb29 or jc950 with any questions.

    We look forward to seeing you!

      Contact before 12:00pm Sat 21 Jan for more details.

      Blue Remembered Hills

      11:00pm, Wed 1st March 2017 - Sat 4th March 2017, at ADC Theatre
      Lent Week 6

      "Into my heart an air that kills; From yon far country blows; What are those blue remembered hills..."

      Auditions for Week 6 ADC Lateshow!

      'Blue Remembered Hills', a beautiful and poignant tale of Childhood innocence (or lack thereof), is looking for an ensemble of talented performers to bring to life the ins and outs of the playground (or, in this case, woodland) hierarchy. It is challenging, physically and vocally, but also a great deal of fun - especially if between essays and supervisions, one finds oneself missing childhood - and offers something different to the traditional Cantabrigian theatre role.

      There are seven characters, all children, all about seven years old. These are, in the order in which they appear:

      Willie (gender neutral casting)
      Peter (male)
      John (gender neutral casting)
      Raymond (male)
      Angela (female)
      Audrey (female)
      Donald Duck (gender neutral casting)

      • Sun 22nd Jan, 3:00pm-7:00pm, Dressing Room 2 - ADC

      Contact before 10:00am Mon 23 Jan for more details.

      Bright Club - Bright Club

      7:30pm, Thu 16th March 2017 at The Portland Arms
      Lent Week 8

      Work in research at one of the Universities around Cambridge or perhaps just love your subject? Why not take part in the in the project that has got researchers from all over the UK up on stage talking about their work.

      The session won't take longer than 2 hours and it's not just a talk, we'll go through some actives on how to to make things funny and how comedy works, the ideas behind writing jokes and what goes in to a set a Bright Club . When you leave you should have everything to need to deliver a Bright Club set or add humour to your own talks. I will also be looking for some people to fill the slots for our upcoming Bright Club events in the new year, where we get academics/post docs/PhDs and undergrads to give 7-8 minute humorous talk on their work.

      The training will take place at the Post Doc Centre on Jan 26, 2017 at 03:00 PM in the Seminar Room
      Those who attend the workshop will be given the chance to put into action what they have learnt Cambridge Science Festival along side professionals on 16th March.
      If you wish to attend please contact to help confirm numbers.

      • Thu 26th Jan, 3:00pm-5:00pm, PostDoc Centre

      Contact before 11:00pm Thu 26 Jan for more details.

      CAST 2017: A Midsummer Night's Dream - CAST

      7:30pm, Sat 2nd September 2017 - Wed 27th September 2017, at Venues across America
      Summer Vacation

      CAST 2017: A Midsummer Night's Dream is holding auditions on the 25th and 26th January at DR1 at the ADC! Please sign up and put down your CRSid here in the doodle poll:

      Please prepare a classical monologue of your choice. This should be no more than 1 min 30 in running time. You are expected to be familiar with it, but it definitely doesn't have to be off book. Your monologue does not have to be from the play, but it can be if you wish. Please also bring a spare printed copy for the audition panel to peruse.

      All cast members should be available for the whole of August and September 2017, and for the home run in week 0 of Michaelmas term 2017. All company members pay a company fee of £750 to contribute to the cost of the tour.

      Recalls will be held on the 27th and 28th. Please contact Oscar and Sheanna at for enquiries.

      • Wed 25th Jan, 10:00am-6:00pm, ADC Theatre Dressing Room 2
      • Thu 26th Jan, 10:00am-6:00pm, ADC Theatre Dressing Room 2

      Contact before 6:00pm Thu 26 Jan for more details.

      Castaway Records - CamFM

      2:00pm, Sun 22nd January 2017 at Fitzwilliam College Studio
      2:00pm, Sun 29th January 2017 at Fitzwilliam College Studio
      2:00pm, Sun 5th February 2017 at Fitzwilliam College Studio
      2:00pm, Sun 12th February 2017 at Fitzwilliam College Studio
      2:00pm, Sun 19th February 2017 at Fitzwilliam College Studio
      2:00pm, Sun 26th February 2017 at Fitzwilliam College Studio
      2:00pm, Sun 5th March 2017 at Fitzwilliam College Studio
      2:00pm, Sun 12th March 2017 at Fitzwilliam College Studio
      2:00pm, Sun 19th March 2017 at Fitzwilliam College Studio
      Lent Week 1 to Week 9

      If you found yourself stranded on a desert island, which 3 songs would you bring along on a inconveniently large and aesthetically incoherent vinyl record player to keep you company?

      Join Patricia Loganberry for half an hour to discuss the songs that shaped the lives of a host of Cambridge personalities, featuring a different student character comedian each week.


      A new weekly parody of Desert Island Discs needs 8 comedians, actors and writers to create a character, choose their 3 most cherished songs, and discuss them on air at Fitzwilliam College studio.

      This is a fun ! and low-commitment ! opportunity to practice the old characterisation, give radio comedy a shot or just leave your room for a bit. It'll take an hour of your time, maximum - 15 minutes to Fitz, 30 minutes for the show, 15 minutes back again.

      To apply, please email with:
      - Some information about your character; name, age, occupation, life achievements
      - 6 songs that shaped your character’s life (we’ll be playing all of these in the show for a maximum of two minutes; if it’s longer than that, it’ll just be faded out)
      - For each of the 6 songs, a 2 minute long explanation of why your character would choose it

      ***Happy to accept submissions on a rolling basis throughout the term.***

      Simple, eh? And 8 of you are needed. APPLY APPLY APPLY.

        Contact before 5:00pm Fri 10 Mar for more details.


        7:00pm, Tue 14th March 2017 - Sat 18th March 2017, at Corpus Playroom
        Lent Week 8

        The Week 8 Corpus Main show, 'Hamp', is looking for a talented and enthusiastic cast to bring this poignant and dramatic play to life.

        Amidst the horror of World War I, Private Hamp has been plucked from the grime of a Lancashire mill town and flung down in the bloodsoaked mud of Passchendaele. But when one day Hamp scrambles out of a shell hole and walks away from battle, the Army finds itself compelled to notice his existence. He is court-martialled for desertion in the face of the enemy. Is everyone too preoccupied with the war to trouble about his 'insignificant crime’, as Hamp reassures himself, or will he pay the ultimate price?

        This story is about a group of people who, required to implement a law they believe to be in principle necessary and just, experience its workings in practise as horrifyingly wrong.

        Although the play has previously been performed by an all male cast, this production will be gender blind.
        We're looking for 8 actors (some of whom will be playing multiple roles).

        Auditions are taking place in the small dressing room of the Corpus Playroom on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st (12:00pm - 4:00pm)

        Please book a 10 minute audition slot, using the doodle poll below:

        Extracts will be on the door, so please arrive in plenty of time to prepare.

        Any questions, feel free to email cm88.

        • Fri 20th Jan, 12:00pm-4:00pm, Small Dressing Room (Corpus Playroom)
        • Sat 21st Jan, 12:00pm-4:00pm, Small Dressing Room (Corpus Playroom)

        Hot Gay Time Machine - Eggbox Comedy

        9:30pm, Thu 2nd February 2017 - Sat 4th February 2017, at Corpus Playroom
        Lent Week 2

        Auditions for this year's most exciting and highly anticipated production, HOT GAY TIME MACHINE. Auditionees are asked to prepare one acapella rendition of an iconic gay anthem (e.g. ‘Believe’ - Cher, ‘Born this Way’ - Lady Gaga, ‘YMCA’ - The Village People’. Please no George Michael, we are still healing #mindfulness). We also ask you to prepare a 15-minute devised dance piece covering ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and a surprise genre of your choice. We also ask you to prepare two monologues, one classical and one post-modern. Classic monologues may include Shakespeare, Marlowe and Lloyd-Webber, and postmodern may include Marlow, Ghazi and Torbati.

        Sign up for a slot NOW -

        Recalls will be held on the 47th Febunever and will be held at the judge’s houses. Bring nutella or jam or a combination of the two.

          Contact before 12:00am Sun 29 Jan for more details.


          11:00pm, Thu 16th March 2017 - Sat 18th March 2017, at ADC Theatre
          Lent Week 8

          Come and audition for
          Immaculate, the ADC WEEK 8 LATESHOW -
          This black comedy is looking for an acerbic, tight and slightly deranged cast of 7 to portray this farcical interpretation of what would happen if the Immaculate conception of the second coming of Christ took place in the 21st century. To a dominatrix sex worker. And her ex, Angel Gabriel, and Lucifer all showed up to claim parentage.


          Mia, F, late 20s: A very contemporary young woman: chic, confident, educated – and making a good living as a matter-of-fact dominatrix. She is not afraid to ask the big questions, such as whether God will be paying child support. She has a very strong self of self, and is not afraid to defend her own ground with her sarcastic and quick-witted nature.

          Rebecca, F, late 20s: Mia’s slightly odd and narcissistic best friend, who is secretly dating Mia’s ex and has an irrational fear of babies.

          Michael, M, late 20s: Mia’s dickhead ex. Just a classic dickhead really. Still has a soft spot for Mia, but tries to quench this by hurling a fair bit of abuse at her. #LAD

          Gabriel, Genderblind, timeless and ageless: The Angel Gabriel (you know, from the nativities and such). Although generally acting as an anxious peacemaker, Gabriel harbours a temper and constantly finds himself on the defensive as God’s apologist. He is also chased round the room by Mia as a dominatrix.

          Lucifer, Genderblind, timeless and ageless: Snazzy, smooth with a hint of sleaze. Sort of like a car salesman, but the Prince of Darkness. Enjoys abusing Gabriel with strings of every swear word imaginable.

          Gary Goodman, M, late 20s: Another bellend. Satan possesses him (not onstage, don’t worry) and claims he impregnated Mia via this guy. The other characters have very little respect for Gary, but he thinks he’s the shit. Tries to order prosecco at a club.

          Come along and show yer face/Email one of us if you want an early look at the script :)

          • Wed 1st Feb, 12:00pm-4:00pm, ADC DR1
          • Sat 4th Feb, 1:00pm-5:00pm, ADC DR1
          • Sun 5th Feb, 1:00pm-5:00pm, ADC DR2

          Contact before 10:00am Fri 10 Feb for more details.

          Lent- ***short film*****

          12:58pm, Fri 3rd March 2017 - Mon 6th March 2017, at N/a
          Lent Week 6 to Week 7

          It's Lent term, and Martha has just broken up with Paul, who turns out to be a total bastard despite his charisma and dazzling good looks. Her best friend Helen is avoiding her, which isn't really fair, considering the extent of Paul's betrayal. Then again, Helen has been third-wheeling them for like a year, which isn't really fair either. A man named Hugh is having a torrid affair with a Swede called Sven. There is too much pesto in the fridge. Life is terrible.

          LENT is a new film written and directed by Niamh Sauter-Cooke about Cambridge, women, sex, love (and) friendship, and pesto. Her previous work can be seen at .

          This is a great opportunity to work with an experienced crew and professional equipment to create something valuable for your showreels, and find an outlet for your feelings about the Cambridge bubble.

          Auditions will be held in the Sidney Sussex JCR
          14:00 - 17:00 on Saturday the 21st of January.
          14:00 - 17:00 on Sunday the 22nd of January.

          Audition slot sign up sheet below:

          • Sat 21st Jan, 2:00pm-5:00pm, Sidney Sussex JCR
          • Sun 22nd Jan, 2:00pm-5:00pm, Sidney Sussex JCR

          Contact before 5:00pm Sun 22 Jan for more details.

          MACBETH - Shirley Players

          7:00pm, Tue 21st February 2017 - Sat 25th February 2017, at TBC
          Lent Week 5


          Due to an unfortunate drop-out, we're looking for one more BME actor (gender blind)!

          Drop in to audition for a Macbeth that is unique in Cambridge's history! This is an opportunity for Black and Minority Ethnic students to own a classic space like no other. We want to give everybody an opportunity to enter the limelight in Cambridge Theatre when usually there are so few going for BME students. Because of this, we are genuinely looking for both new and old talent, so please come and audition whether you've done a dozen plays or none at all. We are determined to see the potential in everyone.

          • Sat 21st Jan, 11:00am-1:00pm, Trinity JCR

          Contact sr750 before 9:00pm Sat 21 Jan for more details.

          Nothing Ever Happens in Bogalusa - Pembroke Players

          9:30pm, Thu 23rd February 2017 - Sat 25th February 2017, at Pembroke New Cellars
          Lent Week 5

          Auditions for Week 5 Pembroke New Cellars Late Show!

          'Nothing Ever Happens in Bogalusa' is a new EXCITING piece of student written comedy with jokes in it and ~maybe~ YOU as well! This slick noir style farce is looking for a cast of talented comic performers to work together and create something completely original.

          The story follows Biff, an old-school private-eye back in her hometown of Bogalusa to settle some old scores. Little does she know, there are some new scores to settle now too. As well as the aforementioned old scores. Her sister Sandra is missing, her ex-flame Jake has got a past so checkered it's like a tablecloth had a baby with a chessboard, and both reverends act more like stand-up comics than men of the cloth. And why has everyone stopped smoking?

          The show has 2 fantastic comic female leads and opportunities for multi-roling. An American accent is needed but we do not strictly require these accents to be consistent or recognisable or accomplished. Do require comedy. We need 2 women, 2 men + 4 actors which will be cast gender blind and will be required to play multiple roles. This is going to be a fun & inclusive & collaborative process so if you like these things and having a good time then come along and audition. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

          'Nothing Ever Happens in Bogalusa' is going to be a face paced & hilarious farce that looks like a gorgeous black and white Hollywood film noir so jump aboard before our suspenders break. Extracts provided on the door.

          + we are looking for a trumpet player so if you can play please blow your own trumpet and tell us about it.

          • Sun 22nd Jan, 2:00pm-4:00pm, Pembroke New Cellars
          • Mon 23rd Jan, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Pembroke NCR

          Contact before 8:00pm Fri 24 Feb for more details.

          Our lady of Lahore - REDS

          9:30pm, Thu 9th March 2017 - Sat 11th March 2017, at Corpus Playroom
          Lent Week 7

          Our Lady of Lahore: One of the biggest and unique shows at Corpus this term.

          Calling anyone excited about South Asian culture or lifestyle and anyone who can speak hindi/urdu. We have some silent parts as well- non URDU speakers are more than welcome to audition.

          Our Lady of Lahore is an exciting new show about a young Pakistani girl, and her disturbing love affair with an elderly feudal lord. The play is an adaptation of Daniyal Muneedin's short story called " In Other rooms other wonders".


          Husna - a young Pakistani girl, attempting to learn typing at K.K.Harouni's house in Lahore. Someone from a lower middle class, stepping up her class and her stature by improving her English and skills.

          K.K. Harouni- an elderly Pakistani man, exploitative in nature, poised in disposition, mostly seen a bit sickly yet enjoying his relationship with Husna. Sympathetic towards Husna as well.

          Humaira- Husna's younger sister, she appears for a long monologue of Husna and is mostly silent during the act.

          Shah- A clerk at Harouni's house

          Rafiq- Harouni's most trusted person - essentially a butler

          Hassan- Cook at Harouni's house, constantly being rude towards Husna

          3 nameless daughters of Harouni- they have flown in from Europe to attend to their father in his last days.

          Please sign up on this doodle poll for auditions:

          Its going be a unique show at Cambridge- you will be part of something extremely different and breathtakingly emotional and deep. Come audition. NO previous experience is required. EXCERPTS WILL BE PROVIDED ON DOOR.

          • Tue 31st Jan, 2:00pm-5:00pm, Corpus Playroom, Small Dressing Room

          Contact before 11:00pm Wed 15 Feb for more details.

          Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead - BTC

          7:30pm, Thu 16th February 2017 - Sat 18th February 2017, at Robinson College Auditorium
          Lent Week 4

          Brickhouse Theatre Company are looking for an enthusiastic and talented cast to join their production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, which will be performed at the Robinson Auditorium from the 16th–18th February 2017.

          Have you ever wondered if you're not, in fact, the leading role in your own life but, actually, a walk-on part in someone else's tragedy?

          It's been a while since Rosencrantz and Guildenstern last saw Hamlet, their old friend from university, and things in Denmark have gotten a little rotten since then. These two minor characters, who watch from the wings as Shakespeare's play unfolds, are thrown centre-stage to make sense of it all in Tom Stoppard's chilling tragicomedy.

          All roles will be cast gender-blind, and extracts will be on the door!

          • Mon 23rd Jan, 3:00pm-6:00pm, Seminar Room 2, Wilson Court, Fitzwilliam College
          • Tue 24th Jan, 3:00pm-5:00pm, Seminar Room 2, Wilson Court, Fitzwilliam College
          • Thu 26th Jan, 4:00pm-6:00pm, Seminar Room 2, Wilson Court, Fitzwilliam College

          Contact before 12:00am Sat 28 Jan for more details.

          Smorgasbord - Fletcher Players

          9:30pm, Mon 13th February 2017 at Corpus Playroom
          Lent Week 4


          Join us for your termly friendly neighbourhood evening of new writing! Once again the Fletcher Players bring you Smörgåsbord: a magical event showcasing the most diverse, exciting and original extracts from emerging student playwrights, poets and miscellaneous folks.

          Hosted at the Corpus Playroom, this is a casual and informal opportunity for writers to have their work performed on-stage, with the chance for the pieces to be discussed and critiqued afterwards by the audience.

          This is a low commitment show to be a part of and as an actor you will only have to attend one or two rehearsals. You must be free from 5pm on the 13th Feb. Please come along to an audition or send us an email if those dates don't work for you and you still want to get involved on: Carine on or Elinor on or corpusfletcherplayers@gmail or all three!

          • Sat 4th Feb, 3:00pm-5:00pm, Corpus Playroom

          Contact, before 12:15am Fri 10 Feb for more details.

          Songs for a New World - BTC

          7:45pm, Thu 9th February 2017 - Sat 11th February 2017, at Robinson College Auditorium
          Lent Week 3

          Please sign up for a 10 minute audition slot, and prepare any musical theatre song of your choice for the audition. If possible please bring sheet music to the audition.

          Songs for a New World is, according to composer Jason Robert Brown, “about one moment. It’s about hitting the wall and having to make a choice, or take a stand, or turn around and go back.”

          With a rousing score that blends elements of pop, gospel and jazz, featuring tight harmonies and darling vocals, Songs for a New World transports its audience from the deck of a spanish sailing ship bound for a new land, to the ledge of a New York penthouse. Characters range from a young man in the Bronx who dreams of becoming a famous basketball player, to a forlorn and neglected Mrs. Claus lamenting as Christmas approaches.

          A small but powerful diverse cast and a supercharged, well crafted score appeal to old and new generations alike as each character- in their own way- takes hold of that one moment and enters a new world.

          If you cannot make any of the audition slots, send me a message and we can rearrange another time for you to audition.

          • Thu 19th Jan, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Robinson College, Music Room

          The Footlights International Tour Show 2017 - Footlights

          7:45pm, Tue 13th June 2017 - Sat 24th June 2017, at ADC Theatre
          Easter Week 7 to May Week

          Calling all writers and performers: This year's Footlights Tour Show auditions will be held on Saturday 21st Jan, 12-4pm in the Larkum Studio, and Sunday 22nd, 12-6pm, in the ADC Bar.

          The show will tour across the UK and US, with a full-length slot at the Edinburgh Fringe. It will be an incredible opportunity and a big commitment; you will need to be available from our June ADC previews until the show's final home run in Cambridge in early October 2017, as well as over the Easter holidays for writing week.

          Please can you perform up to two pieces of your own work, lasting no more than ten minutes in total. The work can be either sketches in groups or a solo monologue as well. No experience is necessary and it'll be a fun and informal atmosphere!

          If you would like to audition, please sign up for a slot on the following doodle poll. Make a note of your time and if there are any problems just get in touch -

          Also, please consider whether or not you would be comfortable being asked on board purely as a writer, in which case you are welcome to send us two other additional pieces of writing.

          The second stage of auditions will then involve you being asked to prepare sketches with one another. Recalls will be held on Friday 3rd Feb.

          If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our tour managers Lewis and Zak on

            Contact before 12:00am Sun 22 Jan for more details.

            The Shape of Things - CUADC

            7:00pm, Tue 7th March 2017 - Sat 11th March 2017, at Corpus Playroom
            Lent Week 7

            Like shapes? Love things?

            You know what to do.

            Week 7 Corpus Mainshow are on the hunt for a SUPERB CAST OF FOUR.

            How far would you go for love? For art? What would you be willing to change? What price might you pay?

            If you love questionable 2000s music, questionable morals and questionably low rise jeans, then this is the show you never knew you needed.

            Auditions for the roles of Adam, Evelyn, Jenny and Philip will be held:

            - Wednesday 18th Jan, 11:00 - 13:00 in ADC Dressing Room 2

            - Thursday 19th Jan, 14:00 - 16:30 in the Larkum Studio

            Extracts on the door.

            Send any and all queries to

            • Thu 19th Jan, 2:00pm-4:30pm, Larkum Studio