A Very Brexit Musical - Edinburgh Fringe 2018

5:00pm, Thu 2nd August 2018 - Sun 26th August 2018, at La Belle Angele, Just The Tonic
Summer Vacation

A Very Brexit Musical is going to the Edinburgh Fringe this August, and we are looking for a BRAND NEW CAST to get involved with this fantastic project!

A newly qualified journalist gets his first big break writing for the Maily Dail just as the biggest upset in British politics is about to occur. How will he cope with his fearsome editor and the many twists and turns of the referendum campaign? Follow the story of Cavid Dameron’s ill-fated decision to hold a referendum in the first instance, alongside Joris Bohnson’s grasp for power in supporting the leave campaign. Does anyone come out as a winner?

This musical comedy weaves patriotic anthems and political satire to shape the touching interactions of our torn protagonist as he tries to comprehend the mayhem of the campaign. Will he compromise his beliefs in order to further his career?


FOR AUDITIONS PLEASE PREPARE: Any song of your choice. There will also be a short extract to perform that you can get on the door. It would therefore be great if you could arrive 10 minutes early to have a look through this. Auditions are very relaxed and act as a good opportunity for us to get to know one another, so please don't worry at all!

The performances are at 5pm throughout the month of August, excluding August 13th when the venue is closed. We will be based at La Belle Angele run by Just The Tonic, which has an audience capacity of 150.

The expected commitment is as follows (we will build a rehearsal schedule around exams, so again please don't worry about this!):

02/5/18 - Cast/Band/Crew meeting
05/5/18 - Vocal Workshop
09/6/18 - 22/6/18 - Cambridge rehearsal period, including mock Fringe performance
25/7/18 - 31/7/18 - Norwich rehearsal period, including open dress rehearsal
01/8/18 - Tech run at Just The Tonic, Edinburgh (4 hours)
02/8/18 - 26/8/18 - Performances in Edinburgh

We look forward to seeing you at audition, where we will provide more information about accommodation, costs and the process!

  • Tue 24th Apr, 5:00pm-7:30pm, H2 - The John’s Voices Music Room, St John’s College
  • Wed 25th Apr, 5:00pm-7:30pm, H2 - The John’s Voices Music Room, St John’s College
  • Fri 27th Apr, 7:10pm-9:00pm, Robinson College Music Room

Contact before 9:00pm Fri 27 Apr for more details.

Deep Cut - HATS

7:30am, Mon 11th June 2018 - Wed 13th June 2018, at Homerton College, TBC
Easter Week 7

Don't embellish. Don't exaggerate. Tell the truth. Stick to it.
Deep Cut Army Barracks:
9th of June 1995.
27th of November 1995.
17th of September 2001.
23rd of March 2002.
Privates Sean Benton (20), Cheryl James (18), Geoff Gray and James Collinson (both 17) were discovered, dead under suspicious circumstances. Or not-so-suspicious according to those in charge of the inquiry...
Following botched investigations, questionable court proceedings and potential cover-ups, these cases still remain, in the minds of the victim's families, unsolved.

We are looking for a diverse cast of 7-9 people with an interest in political theatre and a commitment to faithful representation. This show will contain newly-written scenes by Philip Ralph reflecting the recent developments in the Deep Cut case, giving any actors an exciting opportunity to experiment and collaborate with a reworked text!

Winner of the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Prize 2008, the BBC also filmed a short documentary in 2016 outlining the case. Please take a look if this case interests you:

We are looking to cast the following roles:

DES JAMES- Father of Cheryl James who died at Deepcut barracks in 1995- m/nb

DOREEN JAMES-Cheryl’s mother and Des’s wife- f/nb
BRIAN CATHCART- Journalist- m/f/nb

NICHOLAS BLAKE QC- Human rights lawyer and author of the Deepcut Review-m/nb

FRANK SWANN- Independent Forensics Expert - f/m/nb

JONESY- Contemporary recruit of Cheryl James’s at Deepcut- f/nb

BRUCE GEORGE MP- Chair of Defence Select Committee- m/nb

LIEUTENANT COLONEL NIGEL JOSLING -Commanding Officer at Deepcut in 1995- m/nb

CHERYL JAMES- 18 year old Private found dead at Deep Cut Barracks in 1995- f/nb

Some characters may involve multi-roling.

As this is a Verbatim piece, we would love for you to be as naturalistic as possible in your acting style.
Extracts will be available on the door, though please feel free to email if you would like to see them in advance, or if you want to audition, but can't make the allotted times.
Hope to see you there!

  • Sun 29th Apr, 11:00am-2:00pm, Homerton College, TBC
  • Mon 30th Apr, 11:00am-2:00pm, Homerton College, TBC

Contact before 4:00pm Tue 01 May for more details.

Drifting Towers - CUADC

5:00pm, Thu 2nd August 2018 - Mon 27th August 2018, at C Aquila Studio, Edinburgh Fringe
Summer Vacation

'Drifting Towers' is looking for a lovely cast of 4-6 actors to join us for a fun-filled month at the Fringe!

The cast will be heavily involved in the devising of the show, and it looks all set to be one of the most exciting and challenging projects on offer this summer! The cast and artistic directors will spend a few weeks in July devising the piece together, workshopping bits of script and immersing ourselves in influences. There'll be video games, films, music, multiroling, character work, improv exercises and so much more - basically we're really excited about it!! We've got a great venue right on the Royal Mile, and the show will be an exciting blend of slick, fast-paced comedy and theatre with a heart.

If you want any more info don't hesitate to drop any of us a message or an email. The auditions will be very relaxed, we'll just have a chat and look at some of our initial ideas and early scripts. We really encourage anyone and everyone to apply, regardless of experience!

If any of that sounds at all appealing, sign up (with your name and email) for a 10 minute audition slot on our Doodlepoll >>>

The last two hours (4-6 on the Sunday) will be run on a drop-in basis. Can't wait to see you soon !!

Noah, Alex, Billie and Nick x

(also note that while the show time is currently down as 5pm on Camdram, this is subject to change as the details of the C Venues programme are not yet set in stone - something to bear in mind if you are also hoping to be involved in other shows!)

  • Fri 27th Apr, 1:00pm-4:00pm, TBC
  • Sat 28th Apr, 2:00pm-5:00pm, TBC
  • Sun 29th Apr, 2:00pm-6:00pm, TBC

Contact before 6:00pm Sun 29 Apr for more details.

How My Light is Spent

7:40pm, Fri 3rd August 2018 - Sat 11th August 2018, at Greenside @ Nicolson Square
7:40pm, Mon 13th August 2018 - Sat 18th August 2018, at Greenside @ Nicolson Square
Summer Vacation

'Kitty my hands have disappeared.

How My Light is Spent is looking for a cast of two lovely people to join us for a fun and exciting time at the Fringe! Auditions will be gender-blind, so pick any extract you like!

The cast will be heavily involved in interpreting this curiously fun script. We are looking to rehearse at the end of June and then again late in July before we take the show up to the Fringe. There will be lots of devising, improvs, character work and lots of multi-rolling!


If any of that sounds appealing to you then sign up for a Doodle slot here:

Extracts are available here:

Current pinterest board:


Please make sure you are available for our entire run (03/08-18/08) and ideally a few days before the opening night.

If you want any more info, or if you would like to audition, but can't make any of the times, please don't hesitate to drop me a message or email me at apk39.

  • Thu 3rd May, 1:00pm-4:00pm, Pembroke New Cellars
  • Fri 4th May, 1:00pm-4:00pm, Pembroke New Cellars

Contact before 1:00am Sat 05 May for more details.

Iolanthe - G&S

2:30pm, Mon 13th August 2018 at Harrogate Theatre
Summer Vacation

Auditions will be held on 28th and 30th April at St John’s, Practice Room 1 (Fisher Building). Sign up for an audition slot here:

Please prepare any song of your choosing. Vocal scores of all the G&S operettas will be available at the audition. If you are singing something else, please bring the music with you.

Acting extracts will be provided on the door.

Video auditions are also welcome.

If you have any questions, email

The CUG&S society is taking Iolanthe to the 25th international Gilbert and Sullivan festival in Harrogate this summer! Rehearsals will take place 4th-12th August, with performance on the 13th.

A troupe of Lords tangle with a swarm of mischievous fairies as they try to woo the much-desired Phyllis. However, Phyllis is in love with Strephon – half-fairy, half-mortal, a lowly shepherd and nephew of the Fairy Queen. When the pompous lords break up the happy couple, the fairies vow revenge. Installing one of their own, the hapless Strephon, in Parliament, they incite liberal rebellion. Frivolity ensues as lofty lords and feisty fairies collide in the ever bumpy road to love.

  • Sat 28th Apr, 10:00am-6:30pm, St John's, Practice Room 1 (Fisher Building)
  • Mon 30th Apr, 7:45pm-8:45pm, St John's, Practice Room 1 (Fisher Building)

Contact Coral Dalitz - cord2 before 8:45pm Mon 30 Apr for more details.


9:55pm, Fri 3rd August 2018 - Sat 11th August 2018, at Greenside @ Infirmary Street
10:15am, Mon 13th August 2018 - Sat 18th August 2018, at Greenside @ Infirmary Street
10:05pm, Mon 20th August 2018 - Sat 25th August 2018, at Greenside @ Infirmary Street
Summer Vacation

LUCKY is CUMTS's original musical at the Fringe this year, written by Harry Castle and Ash Weir, and we're looking for a cast to help bring this new work about reality television and the performance of emotion to life!


We're running auditions on Saturday 28th April, between 10am and 2pm, the first couple of hours are sign-up slots but from 12pm it'll be drop-in.

Please come with a prepared post-2000 musical theatre song, and there will also be an extract for you to have a read of and be redirected!

For your song, please bring music with you, or if you can't find it, send us a message by Friday and we'll be able to give you a hand.


Here's a link to sign-up for a slot:

If you have any questions, please email or or message Alistair or Gabriel on Facebook!

  • Sat 28th Apr, 10:00am-2:00pm, TBC

Contact , before 9:00pm Mon 30 Apr for more details.


7:30pm, Wed 23rd May 2018 - Thu 24th May 2018, at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
Easter Week 4


Artist. Prisoner. Murderer. Genius.

Locked up in Bedlam asylum for the vicious murder of his father, Richard Dadd is a shell of a man who has abandoned his painting. The arrival of an ambitious doctor and a strange new patient called Jane lead him out of his silence and into a world of dreams, fairies and madness. Dadd begins to paint again – but what buried horrors could it awaken in his mind?

Based on the life of an extraordinary artist, Master-Stroke tells a story of art and obsession, of people caught in the most alienating and dehumanising of circumstances. It is a meeting of fantasy and reality at a time of changing perceptions of art, illness and gender, a story of possession by devils and other forces outside our control.


We are looking for a diverse cast of six actors interested in bringing to life this near-unbelievable tale of art, love, murder and possession set during the 1850s and 60s.

All roles are race and gender blind. We are looking for an ensemble of doctors and patients, outsiders and famous faces, coming together to scrutinize the bizarre fairy paintings of Richard Dadd.
Some characters involve multi-roling.

Script extracts will be left outside the door - if you would like them beforehand, please contact me at vr312. Same goes if you have any questions. Simply drop in at any point and pick up an extract, I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Mon 23rd Apr, 1:15pm-3:15pm, Queens College Fitzpatrick Hall

Contact before 11:00am Tue 24 Apr for more details.

Reigen - CUADC

10:30am, Mon 13th August 2018 - Sat 18th August 2018, at theSpace @ Venue 45
4:10pm, Mon 20th August 2018 - Sat 25th August 2018, at theSpace @ Niddry St (Upper)
Summer Vacation

CUADC are taking this new translation of a 'scandal play' from 1903 about sex, gender roles and power dynamics to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer! The play by Austrian playwright Arthur Schnitzler unveils intimate conversations between people before and after they have sex. A prostitute meets a soldier on the street and they have sex on a bench. In the next scene, the soldier seduces a housemaid, and so on until in the final scene, a noble Count meets with the prostitute and everything goes full circle. It will be feminist, confrontational, physical and funny, with characters so contemporary they could have been written yesterday.

We are looking to cast 3 or 4 diverse and versatile actors to form an ensemble cast who will be multi-roling and playing a total of 10 parts between them. The rehearsal process will involve devising physical theatre that is intimately tied with the script, which we will adapt, edit and cut down collaboratively. As well as genderbending some characters to create queer narratives, we will cast all roles gender-blind. We particularly encourage those who identify as non-binary / LGBT+, BME people and non-native speakers of English to audition.

An online folder of audition extracts will also be provided in advance.

If you cannot make any of these times or if you have any other questions, feel free to email us (see info below) and we will do our best to accommodate!

  • Fri 27th Apr, 1:30pm-5:30pm, Pembroke New Common Room

Contact Ada at and Arthur at before 1:30pm Fri 27 Apr for more details.

Rights of Passage: Edinburgh Fringe - Pembroke Players

5:00pm, Mon 20th August 2018 - Sun 26th August 2018, at C royale (Upper theatre)
Summer Vacation

'Rights of Passage' is going to the fringe! The play is about three LGBT asylum seekers and explores the problems they face in their home countries and when they arrive to the U.K.

This will be an all BME cast and will involve plenty of multi-rolling to get stuck into! We have 4-5 roles to fill!

If you can't make the audition or would prefer to send in a video audition, or if you have any questions or requirements for the audition- email me at :)

We'll have audition slots on the 2nd and 3rd May in the large dressing room of the corpus playroom. On the second it will be 12-3:30pm and on the 3rd it will be 12-4pm. We'll also be having more auditions at different and more accessible venues which we'll add on here as soon as the locations are confirmed!

Here's an audition pack with the monologues for you to check out- we'll ask you to do the preacher monologue and then one other of your choice- don't worry about gender just pick the monologue that works best for you! Extracts will also be available at the door. Look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Wed 2nd May, 12:00pm-3:30pm, Large dressing room, corpus playroom
  • Thu 3rd May, 12:00pm-4:00pm, Large dressing room, corpus playroom

Contact before 12:00am Sun 06 May for more details.

The Epic of Gilgamesh

6:30pm, Wed 21st February 2018 at Fitzwilliam College
Lent Week 5

Four performers (one narrator and three actors) are needed for a dramatized performance of the ancient Sumerican 'Epic of Gilgamesh (see on 21 February in Fitzwilliam College Auditorium. Actors need not be off-book as this is a single performance, and all involved are invited to the President's Dinner which follows this 40' event. There is a very experienced Director, and incidental music will be provided by a professional musician. We would also be interested to know of anyone with suitable experience in costume design.

Auditions will take place during the afternoons of 27 and 29 January, or later by arrangement.

Francis Knights
President, Fellow & Tutor
Fitzwilliam College

    Contact Francis Knights, before 12:00am Wed 02 May for more details.

    The Man Presents: Women (Edinburgh Fringe 2018) - Eggbox Comedy

    9:20pm, Wed 1st August 2018 - Tue 28th August 2018, at Assembly Studio 4
    Summer Vacation

    The Man Presents: Women at the Fringe is looking for a cast ! !

    We're looking for a cast of about 8 for our 'Women' as well as 'The Man' to bring to the Fringe for our run at Assembly Studio 4
    This is a fantastic opportunity to perform in one of The Big Four and also in a unique and very special character comedy show

    We're running two sessions of auditions (venue TBC) on Thurs 3rd and Fri 4th May both from 5-7pm

    They're both drop-in sessions, and we'd like you to come along with a prepared 3-5 min character monologue - if you've featured in previous MPW feel free to use one you've already performed or if your monologue isn't very developed that's alright, there's plenty of time to *workshop* it.

    If you have any questions please email Ania at or message her on Facebook!

    • Fri 4th May, 5:00pm-7:00pm, St John's Divinity School
    • Sun 6th May, 5:00pm-7:00pm, St John's Divinity School

    Contact before 9:00pm Sun 06 May for more details.

    The Quest! A Fantasy Musical

    1:10pm, Sun 19th August 2018 - Sun 26th August 2018, at theSpace@Venue 45, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    Questing Voles are going to the Fringe once again, and you can be part of it! We will be in the theSpace@Venue45 from the 19th-25th August.

    If you're interested in coming along, you'll want to make it along to auditions/production interviews, being held Saturday 28th April, 11-2.30 in the Corpus Playroom. Please sign up by filling in this form, and we'll email you with an audition time, extracts, and all other detail :

    Don't worry if you can't make the audition date, we are happy to arrange video submissions.

    This year's show is a fantastical comedy entitled 'The Quest: A Fantasy Musical', written by Ben Kybett, with original music composed by singer/songwriter Judith Moore. See below for a taster

    We are looking for
    • Actors
    • Musicians*
    • Assistant Producer
    • Stage Manager
    • Technical Manager
    • Costume Designer/Make-up.

    *We're especially interested in folk and acoustic musicians, but we're happy to be persuaded by anything. Musicians will also have the opportunity to take on some of the minor parts

    Questing Voles (All’s Well That Ends As You Like It, 2016: ‘a pretty anarchic hour of fun and frolics’; Piracy!, 2013: ‘Recommended Show’ return with a new musical comedy set in the fantasy world of Elvenheart. Kick back as the Troll’s Trousers Tavern band whisk you off on an epic adventure with a ragtag fellowship, including an underachieving wizard, incompetent Elvish warriors, and a ranger with a dark and very silly secret. Will unlikely romance blossom? Why is the Orb so glow-y? And do any of our heroes actually know what they’re doing?

    • Sat 28th Apr, 11:00am-2:30pm, Dressing Room, Corpus Playroom

    Contact questingvoleproductions before 6:00pm Sun 29 Apr for more details.