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Marie Antoinette – Associate Director

19:00, Tue 31st January – Sat 4th February 2023 at Corpus Playroom

“You can't understand it, but I was born to be a queen. And I wasn't raised I was built: I was built to be this thing, and now they're killing me for it.”

Spoiled, pretty, rich – Marie Antoinette has it all. Except her friends are fake, her husband is incompetent, the French people are baying for her blood, and a strange sheep keeps reminding her of her impending death. Totally. Not. Cool.

Playwright David Adjmi offers a new take on the iconic and tragic queen of France in a sharply written, strikingly pertinent play that is as sour as it is sweet.

Indecent – Welfare Representative

19:45, Tue 31st January – Sat 4th February 2023 at ADC Theatre

In 1906 Sholem Asch wrote a play about a young woman who falls in love with a sex-worker working in her father's brothel. In 2015 Pulitzer Prize winning author Paula Vogel wrote a play that brought Asch's story, and the world in which he lived, to life.

Indecent brings the haunting legacy of Jewish life at the beginning of the 20th century to the stage, confronting its pain, complexity and beauty. It is a play about immigration, displacement and the pain of losing one’s home. It also asks us what place theatre might have in the midst of suffering.

“I am done being in a country that laughs at the way I speak. They say America is free? What do you know here is free? All over Europe we did this play with no Cossacks shutting us down. Berlin, Moscow, Odessa—everywhere there is theater!”


Zara Salaria is preparing for

  • Playing Pretend – Assistant Director

    21:30, Wed 8th – Sat 11th February 2023 at Corpus Playroom

    Sammy, Jason and Teddy, grow up together. Strange concrete places become forests, and the world is big. They find imaginary friends in between these spaces; mirror images of themselves that take them…


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