Deputy Stage Manager

The Deputy Stage Manager will sit at the stage manager's desk during the show (and technical and dress rehearsals), following the script and calling every technical cue, ensuring that all other crew members perform the correct technical effects at the correct time, and that effects only happen if it is safe to do so. In order to do this, they must work with all the designers beforehand to assemble a Prompt Book, which has all of the cues correctly marked in it. The role of Deputy Stage Manager is often referred to as being "on the book".

The Deputy Stage Manager forms part of a team with the Stage Manager, who between them should attend enough rehearsals to familiarise themselves with the show before the technical rehearsal in the theatre. They should try to spot any potential technical problems caused by the blocking or choreography before the show moves into the theatre, and work with the Technical Director to resolve them.

Some shows in Cambridge choose not to have a Technical Director, in which case some of the responsibilties (often the planning of special effects, drawing of set plans, and running the get-in and get-out) can fall to the Deputy Stage Manger or Stage Manager. It is very rare for the set building and painting responsibilities to be taken on by stage management.

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Deputy Stage Manager Vacancies

BME Shakespeare: Much Ado About NothingMarlowe
19:45, Tue 8th March 2022 - Sat 12th March 2022 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 7

BME Shakespeare is looking for a PRODUCTION TEAM We are currently looking for: Choreographer , Movement Director , Costume Designer , Hair & Makeup artist, Stage Manager , Deputy Stage Manager , Lighting Designer , Publicity Designer , Composer , Musical Director , Technical Director , Sound designer , and Set Designer . We encourage any and everyone to apply- no experience needed! (Prod team roles are exclusively open to those who identify as BME)

Contact before 23rd Jan 2022 23:59 for more details.

Cambridge Greek Play 2022 - Creative Team Applications
Cambridge Greek Play 2022: The Persians and The CyclopsGreek Play
20:00, Wed 12th October 2022 - Sat 15th October 2022 at Cambridge Arts Theatre
Michaelmas Week 1

We are looking for a creative team, including: stage managers  (DSM /ASM /CSM), musical directors , music assistants, assistant designers (costume, lighting, sound, video), surtitle operators, film makers, puppet makers, movement assistants, marketing and PR assistants, graphic designers… Or other roles we may not even have thought of yet!

Contact before 3rd Feb 2022 00:00 for more details.

Footlights Spring Revue 2022Footlights
19:30, Tue 1st March 2022 - Sat 5th March 2022 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 6

Technical Director  Stage Manager  Deputy Stage Manager  Production team applications are now open for Footlights Spring Revue 2022 for the annual Cambridge Footlights Spring Revue, which takes place in Week 6 Lent Term! This two-act sketch show ADC main will be performed by the graduating members of the Footlights, and will likely be made up of new material, as well as a selection of material that may have already appeared in smokers or non-Footlights shows

Contact before 25th Jan 2022 00:00 for more details.