Death and the Maiden

    19:45, Tue 16th October 2001 - Sat 20th October 2001 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 2

    A woman was systematically raped and tortured for political reasons by a man whose face she never saw; years later her husband brings home a new friend for a drink, and his voice sounds horrifyingly familiar...
    This modern masterpiece is at once a claustrophobic suspense thriller and dizzying meditation on the nature of evil, defiance and forgiveness. In a world where so many countries are trying desperately to reconcile the dark and recent past with hope for the future, Death and the Maiden has never been more relevant.
    Written by Dorfman in exile from Chile during the Pinochet years, the plaputs torturer and victim face to face, and asks: "What next?"


    Production Team