Jokes Aren't Funny

    19:45, Wed 7th – Sat 10th November 2001 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 5

    Under the menacing leadership of Stefan Golaszewski comes a group of disturbecomedians with a manifesto for change and a painfully funny show of threateninoriginality. The seedy underworld of the subconscious is to these writers whaimpressions of Mavis from Coronation Street were to Les Dennis. They are presentinCambridge with a new program for what is funny and new ways in which comedcan be performed. There will be no hilarious accents. There will be no fakbeards. This is the Real Comedy we have always secretly wanted but been toRuss Abbot-laden to face. What comes now is the ultimate variety show, a whirlinmix of comedy, music, magic, dance, and song. The change starts with this showand the first change to be made is to admit that jokes aren’t funny. See this show and you’lnever laugh at Ronnie Corbett again, except to mock his size.


    Production Team