19:45, Tue 18th – Sat 22nd February 2003 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 5

    Stoppard’s masterpiece, Arcadia, is set in a large country house, anmoves between 1809 and the present day. Characters discuss Byron, love, thhistory of gardens, even chance theory in relation to grouse. The play is humorouand exuberant, an intellectual roller-coaster, ‘a drama of ideas’ that takes you captive from the first joke, and puts you down exhilarated and moved. It raises questions about whether we should live according to our heart or head, how history realties to the present, how people relate to each other, how scientifically can love (‘the attraction that Newton left out’be understood.
    Join us for an evening of flamboyant theatricality that promises to combine the wit of Wilde, the excitement of a literary whodunit and a heartfelt ache for time that can never be regained.
    A brilliant, brilliant play" Sunday Times "A masterpiece" DailTelegraph


    Production Team