Cross Road Blues
    By David Hall

    23:00, Wed 29th October – Sat 1st November 2003 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 3

    Cross Road Blues retells the story of legendary Delta Blues guitarist Robert Johnson. In a stark and poignant dialogue with a stranger one night, Robert must confront his fate. ‘The blues’ he pleads, ‘is almost everything.’ God, the devil and the desperate calls of a soul displaced by the pain of living fall together in one life changing crash. ‘And then what?’ replies the stranger, ‘and then what?’

    Cross Road Blues has been written and directed by David Hall and stars Calvin Smith and James Purdon.

    Calvin Smith is a professional actor who has appeared many times on Broadway and has toured shows nationally in America. This is his first appearance at the ADC. James Purdon is studying at Emmanuel College, and last appeared at the ADC in Oedipus.


    Production Team