The House with the Twisty Windows

    23:00, Wed 26th – Sat 29th November 2003 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 7

    "Shall I tell you what you heard just now? Nothing in the world but your own terrors calling"

    Locked in a cellar during the Red Terror in St Petersburg, 5 British people are held captive, unsure of their future. After 6 weeks as the strain is starting to show, each individual responds to the pressure in different ways: one focuses on maintaining her beautiful image, another resorts to British stiff upper lip, a third survives through exaggerated concern for others. Into this situation steps a small man, Derry Moore, "the Irish Hans
    Andersen", who has been mistakenly captured in place of his
    counter-revolutionary brother. Derry relieves the tension by helping the captives to get lost in a tale of leprechauns and wonderful colours - the fairy tale of the title.


    Production Team