By Carl Djerassi

    14:30, Sat 30th October 2004 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 3

    Sir Isaac Newton: hero, genius and England’s leading scientific thinker.
    What will he do to keep it that way?

    When Newton accuses German mathematician Gottfried Leibniz of plagiarising
    his invention of calculus, he begins a bitter conflict over priority.
    Newton assembles a committee of eleven honourable men, all Fellows of the
    Royal Society, to adjudicate on the matter. But is their decision really
    their own?

    When reputations are at stake, what place do morals have in deciding who
    was first?

    Top Quark Productions' staged reading of this play is to complement the production of Oxygen, co-written by Carl Djerassi.


    Colley Cibber/Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
    Sir John Vanbrugh/Sir Isaac Newton
    Margaret Arbuthnot
    Louis Frederick Bonet
    Abraham de Moivre
    John Arbuthnot
    Lady Brasenose

    Production Team