Radically Traditional
    By Sam Lenton

    19:30, Tue 4th May 2004 - Sat 8th May 2004 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Easter Week 2

    Nick and Mick are rivals competing for the rights to produce an explosive new reality game show. Beneath the shroud of constructive and friendly instruction, the Director of the company manipulates and deceives them from day one, creating a tension between self-belief and teamwork. Implicated in this web of deceit is the Director’s shy but obedient secretary, Meg, who finds herself in the hands of all she encounters, used as a tool in their own self-advancement and corrupt dealings. When the Director’s wife, Debbie, asks Meg to seduce her boss to test his love and faithfulness, the barrier between business and pleasure is crossed and inner anxieties and desires revealed.

    The debut performance of new writing within Cambridge promises to be a comic and diverse portrayal of stereotypical scenarios, with a tragic twist to boot. Expect everything except your expectations!


    Production Team