Hello, Dolly!
    By Jerry Herman and Michael Stewart

    19:30, Tue 14th – Sat 18th June 2005 at Mumford Theatre
    Easter Week 7

    Set in the late 19th century, ‘Hello, Dolly!’ follows the exploits of social butterfly Dolly Levi as she flits between the bustle of New York and small town Yonkers arranging matches between all she encounters: Ambrose Kemper, an impoverished poet, and his beloved Ermengarde; store clerk Cornelius Hackl and dissatisfied millineress Irene Molloy; and Cornelius’ sidekick Barnaby Tucker and irrepressible hat shop assistant Minnie Fay. Meanwhile, Dolly is conspiring to arrange the most unlikely match of all: between herself and the cantankerous Horace Vandergelder.


    Dolly Levi
    Horace Vandergelder
    Mrs Molloy
    Minnie Fay
    Barnaby Tucker
    Cornelius Hackl
    Ambrose Kemper
    Ermengarde Vandergelder
    Ernestina Money

    Production Team