and The Comedy Iceberg present...

    Improv Takeover

    23:00, Tue 8th November 2005 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 5

    Things don’t always go to plan. Schedules don’t always run as intended. The world of theatre can be a tricky place. On Tuesday 8th November at 11pm, the audience at the ADC Theatre could have been watching something else. Something well written, lovingly rehearsed and impressively acted.

    But that’s not happening. Instead, Cambridge’s top improvised comedy group have taken over and, with the help of their enthusiastic audience, they will guess what the original show would have been about, and put it on anyway!

    Expect laughs, expect drama, expect dastardly plots and unconventional performances. Expect anything you like - it doesn’t really matter, it’s all made up on the spot. But expect a night at the theatre that’s literally like no other, because the Comedy Iceberg are taking over.

    No scripts. No rehearsals. No idea.


    Production Team