Noonday Demons
    By Peter Barnes

    21:00, Mon 2nd – Sat 7th May 2005 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 1

    Noon is the time when the devil and his demons are strongest in the world. Every good saint knows this. St. Eusebius certainly does. The trouble is, so does St. Pior. When the two meet in an Egyptian cave each is convinced the other is a demon sent to corrupt their immortal soul. The saints’ titanic struggle is brought to life with all of Peter Barnes’ characteristic humour and intensity. This is an intelligent and bizarre play from an often overlooked playwright. This is a fantastic two-hander. It's taut, razor sharp dialogue gives the actors the chance to really shine and the only prop is an age old pile of human excrement...

    For Further details contact Donnacha Kirk (director) on dk307 or Claire Adcock (Producer) on cla31.


    Production Team