Growling Monkey Theatre Company presents...

    Some Explicit Polaroids
    By Mark Ravenhill

    23:00, Wed 15th – Sat 18th June 2005 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 7

    "We've reached 'They all lived happily ever after' and we’ve gone past it. Nobody’s ever written that bit before. This is the happy world."

    From the author of 'Shopping and F***ing' comes a high-octane slice of violent, sexy, and drug-fuelled theatre. Some Explicit Polaroids explores revenge, love, reconciliation, acceptance, death, sex, and identity, all filtered through the prism of six characters searching for them. Barely a line goes by without a character facing up to their past or their immediate futures.

    Take six people: a Glaswegian and a Russian good-time boy addicted to trash culture; a Labour councillor and an ex-con; a lap-dancer and a pinstriped capitalist. Let them meet in a series of snapshot scenes linked by loneliness. Some explicit polaroids are taken. After 15 years inside, political activist Nick emerges to find that the old causes of the 80s have become the lost causes of the 90s. As he struggles to get to grips with this new world, he collides with the new generation. Bonded by a love of pills, parties and therapy-speak, Nadia, Tim, and Victor take Nick on a search for the happy-ever-after.

    Journeying through airports, hospitals, homes, lap-dancing clubs, and Parliament, it is a play that will shock and excite its spectators, confronting them with the reality of the past and hopes for the future. As Nick returns from a spell in prison, and Tim buys himself a gay lover from Russia, the pinstripe capitalist and the lap-dancer carry on with their everyday lives, but a series of twists and turns bring them closer than they had ever expected...



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