The Good Doctor
    By Adam Terry and Fred Crawley

    23:00, Thu 24th – Sat 26th November 2005 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 7

    The enigmatic figure known to the world of mad science only as ‘The Doctor’ and his gormless assistant, Arthur Nice, are hungry little moles. And they’re certainly going to gobble up lots of worms. Such worms as: human decency, basic morality and rigorous, empirical scientific research. A comedy extravaganza of top-hatted frock-coated mad science not to be missed.

    In his underground lair (in the murky depths of the Pembroke new cellars) the doctor has called together the greatest cracked pots of his generation to partake in the 1st annual symposium of the association of crazed, reprehensible, odious and neurotic young men or A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. His aim? To bring to an end the all-to-long reign of good science and to usher in a new era of malignant, horror-inducing insane science. Or, failing that, do something really cool with acids.

    But be warned. Enter his world and you enter a world of genetically spliced grotesques, a monstrous arena where mammals are forced to do battle armed with weapons they should never have got hold of in the first place, a place in which the greatest experiment ever conducted will take place, perhaps with uncontrollable results. You certainly aren’t in Kansas no more, folks, and Toto’s got a BB-gun.

    This comic, chemically fuelled explosion is brought to you by two of Britain’s best young comedians. Adam Terry and Fred Crawley are recent graduates of Cambridge University (and were founding members of the Cambridge Comedy Club). Currently both are living in London and making their intrepid way onto the national comedy circuit. Come and see their critically acclaimed Edinburgh Festival Fringe tour show in its last three performances back in Cambridge. See them now, so you can say you saw them then.

    “It is really funny. The script is so packed with one liners and throw away dry wit that you don't care it's late, you don't care that some idiot is drunkenly shouting "Gangster!" you just laugh.”

    • Three Weeks

    “This is a fantastic show with a couple of guys who are seriously funny.”



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