By Nick Garrard and K M Honowski

    19:30, Wed 1st – Sat 4th March 2006 at The Friends of Peterhouse Theatre
    Lent Week 6


    A dadaist farce of sorts, mixing Jacobean tragedy, musical comedy and satire. Taxidermy charts the fall of William Mayhew. From director, to murderer, to unwilling patsy in the 'artistic' experiments of his best friend Dylan. The action is set around an isolated country house populated by the detritus of the metropolitan theatrical scene. In an environment where commerce has replaced culture the only certainty is death.

    "Perchance to Dream"

    Set during the Second World War 'Perchance to Dream' presents the fate of Roger as he tries to piece together the events that brought him to the scene of the battle in the first place. Interweaving dreams, prophecy and reality 'Perchance to Dream' investigates our reliance on fantasy as a means of survival under duress.


    Roger / Dylan Abnett
    Luke / William Mayhew
    Samantha / Sally Perkis
    Andre / Julian Keeble
    Neighbour / Marsha Berry

    Production Team

    Directors – ,
    Musical Director
    Technical Director
    Lighting Operator –
    Sound Operator –
    Costumes –
    Publicity Design –
    Props –
    Master Carpenter