The Venetian Twins
    By Carlo Goldoni

    15:00, Tue 20th June 2006 - Fri 23rd June 2006 at Trinity College Fellows' Garden
    Easter May Week

    Zanetto and Tonino are twins in appearance but not in spirit. Elegant, sophisticated and valiant the one, loutish, yet sensitive and stinking rich the other, the scene is set for hilarious confusion when both, ignorant of each other's whereabouts, arrive in Verona to pursue their romantic interests. As servants, ladies, rivals and fathers mistake one for the other, they find themselves in the arms of fawning mistresses they have never wooed, and on guard against fuming challengers they have never offended. Only the most drastic of resolutions can bring this comedy of entanglement to a close... Be prepared for hilarious characters, outrageous situations, Commedia-style make-up, rapier fights, poison, lots of audience interaction and a few surprises even you might only find out on opening day... This is proper May Week stuff!


    Zanetto/Tonino -
    Pancrazio/Brighella -
    Florindo/Bargello -
    Arlecchino/Tiburzio -
    Lelio/Porter -
    Columbina -
    Dr Balanzoni -

    Production Team

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