Alcock Improv

    21:00, Sat 10th February 2007 at Peterhouse College Theatre
    22:30, Tue 13th February 2007 at Pembroke New Cellars
    21:00, Thu 22nd February 2007 at Wolfson Hall, Churchill
    21:00, Wed 7th March 2007 at Coleridge Room, Jesus College
    Lent Week 3 to Week 7

    Come along and see what we do best - improv! As ever we don't know exactly what'll be happening, but the likelihood is we'll be trying out a couple of the new games we've been working on at the workshops and in private rehearsals. We're an improvised comedy group, so everything we do will be made up on the spot. Games, songs, sketches - you name and (quite literally) we'll do it. Why not come along and see something new? Check us out at for more info.


    Production Team