Cambridge Operatic Society presents...

    The Gondoliers (Or, The King of Barataria)
    By W S Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

    19:30, Mon 26th November – Sat 1st December 2007 at Cambridge Arts Theatre
    14:30, Sat 1st December 2007 at Cambridge Arts Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 8

    The ever-popular Cambridge Operatic Society is delighted to be returning to the Arts Theatre for its annual production, looking set to top the success of last year's smash hit 'My Fair Lady'. The twelfth of Gilbert & Sullivan's successful collaborations, 'The Gondoliers' is a Mediterranean delight full of instantly recognisable music that takes us from the grand splendour of Venice to the fictional Spanish island of Barataria. Two newly-wed gondoliers suddenly discover that one of them is the heir to a kingdom. In the ensuing marital confusion, it is revealed that the prince was wed in infancy to Casilda, daughter of the Duke of Plaza-Toro... but blissfully unaware of this, she's secretly in love with her father's aattendent, Luiz. Just who is the true heir to the Baratarian throne? And more to the point, will love ever triumph over duty?! 'The Gondoliers' is a vibrant, sparkling operetta packed with some of Sullivan's finest music, including the famous song 'Take a pair of sparkling eyes'. So join us to dance the cachucha, fandango and bolero and immerse yourself in the unique topsy-turvy world of Gilbert and Sullivan.



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