Department of German Theatre Group presents...

    By Arthur Schnitzler

    20:00, Mon 10th March 2008 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 8

    Anatol is a twenty-something who loves women and is equally loved by them. In a loose sequence of six scenes he encounters his many different girlfriends. However, since he loves them all, passionately, forever for the moment, he is haunted by the consequences: deceit, jealousy, clashing dates, rejection and wounded pride.

    The production gives consideration to the role Anatol and his girlfriends play in a modern world and time in which compensation for de-individualisation and industrialisation of men (and women) is sought in the worship of the moment. Just as the women are interchangeable, so are the men: Anatol and his friend Max, two extreme poles of sensibility and rationality, highly sexed and asexual, acting and observing, are entangled in this comic and sometimes tragic play of real and false love, of passion and indifference, and maybe a deeper meaning...

    The play is entirely in German.


    Production Team