By Tom Hensby

    23:00, Wed 23rd – Sat 26th January 2008 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 1

    As fast as Parker, as wild as Tarka, as funny as Farquhar, this is Anthropology: a Materialist History of the World in One Hour. We take you from man standing upright to man landing on the moon, and leave you wondering why he bothered doing either. Along the way, we will answer all of the questions that have vexed historians since the year dot. If rowing went out of fashion in the 11th century, why do people still do it? Why did the Welsh not take over the world when they had the chance? What was the first camera small enough you could stick it down your pants? War (huh, yeah) what is it good for? How many Wrongs make a Wright brother? Is life better down where it's wetter, or are crabs not to be trusted on such matters? Come along and find out: ANTHROPOLOGY!


    Production Team