Murder in the Cathedral
    By T. S. Eliot

    19:30, Wed 27th February 2008 at Jesus College Chapel
    20:00, Thu 28th February – Sat 1st March 2008 at Jesus College Chapel
    Lent Week 6

    It is 1170. King and Church are engaged in fraught conflict over rights and privileges. King Henry II has a vast array of followers willing to fight his cause. The Church has Thomas Becket, prepared to die to protect the powers of the Church and all that it stands for. We know what will happen. All that the country's public can do is watch. All that we can do is watch. After all, this is history. But this is a distorted version of history. This production promises to be as uncanny as the play itself. Set in the eerie depths of Jesus College Chapel a sense of history will be unavoidably present; but as shadows come to life and we move towards the pivotal moment of murder, all sense of familiarity and orientation will be spectacularly distorted.


    Production Team

    Assistant Director