Girton Players presents...

    Crash Jordon
    By Gytha Lodge

    19:45, Thu 5th – Sat 7th November 2009 at Mumford Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 4

    Parodying the 1980s movie Flash Gordon, Crash Jordon is a new piece of writing by actor, director and now playwright (evidently), Gytha Lodge. The play takes the camp and utterly ridiculous cult film and ramps it all up at least one notch further. A cast of characters ranging from a gallant rebel leader (somewhat insecure about his sexuality) to a surprisingly easy-to-seduce heroine surround the real hero, international cricketer CRASH(ah-aah), as he struggles to save the world in three days (so he can get back in time for that important test match) whilst overcoming his fear of talking to girls.


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