Film Night

    20:00, Thu 12th – Sat 14th February 2009 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Lent Week 4

    The inmates are waiting. Nothing happens.

    Time meanders. There are floors to clean, letters to write, time to spend in isolation. The rule is: ‘No Talking’. Friendships appear, develop and fail, briefly. The institution staff organise a Film Night, and the inmates watch the films. Nothing happens.

    But then, at night, the inmates dream. We see flashes of daydreams and nightmares; of a time when they can leave their silent, monochrome world and escape into music.

    With a score written and provided live by The Staircase Band (as seen in Suitcase Cabaret and the Gnädiges Fräulein), Film Night is a new piece of theatre using barely any words. Silent and still scenes contrast with vivid musical flashes, offering glimpses into the existence of the institutionalised, told through whispers and movement.


    Production Team