Night Breath
    By Bryan Oliver

    21:30, Tue 24th – Sat 28th February 2009 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 6

    ‘The foreigners will pack up and leave to go home. Others will read about it in the papers or hear a two minute spot on the television. Are we worth two minutes of someone’s time?’

    New writer Bryan Oliver presents us with a moving tale of three women subjected to the horrors of an ethically divided society. Through the mode of retrospective storytelling we are introduced to slices of a shocking reality that becomes increasingly identifiable as a depiction of those tragic events that we all hear about in our lives, but which few of us actually see and recognise as real. Night Breath takes us through a heartrending emotional journey at the end of which we are forced to question whether the displaced stories we hear about in the news are indeed worth more than the two minutes’ thought we give them.



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