The Cherry Orchard
    By Anton Chekhov

    19:00, Thu 18th June 2009 - Sat 20th June 2009 at The Orchard, Grantchester
    Easter May Week

    Madame Ranevskaya returns to her estate after five years away. Her family gathers for one last celebration before the estate, and its famed cherry orchard, must be auctioned and lost forever. But a possible solution is presented: if the family can break out of its ostentatious apathy, perhaps their orchard, and the way of life it represents, will survive the storms of change that threaten their comfortable world.

    The Cherry Orchard is a document of a community on the precipice of demise. Punctuated with wry comedy and tragic undertones, the play explores the endurance of relationships when faced with fragmentation. A site specific piece in the iconic "Orchard" tea garden, in Grantchester, using the orchard as our backdrop, this shall be a unique imagining of Chekhov's play.


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