The Cocktail Party
    By TS Eliot

    19:30, Sat 28th February – Tue 3rd March 2009 at Sidney Sussex Chapel
    Lent Week 6 to Week 7

    "Finding out who you really are." When the party's over one mysterious guest will force Edward and Lavinia to realise the futility and tragic necessity of their marriage. The couple's realisation has consequences for their friends, especially Edward's mistress Celia, who must confront the potentially vacuous reality of a life lived alone.

    Eliot's darkly comic play progresses from what seems a light satire of the traditional British drawing room comedy into a bleaker, thought-provoking treatment of human relations.


    Edward Chamberlaine
    Lavinia Chamberlaine
    Celia Coplestone
    Peter Quilpe
    Julia Shuttlethwaite
    Unidentified Guest/Sir Henry Harcourt-Reilly

    Production Team

    Costume designer
    Set designer
    Lighting designer/operator –
    Piano/theme composer –
    Head of New Arcadians – ,