When the Lights Go On...An Interactive Blitz Mystery
    By Jordan McCrindle

    19:30, Fri 20th February 2009 at Kelvedon Hatch Bunker
    Lent Week 5

    Emmet Brown Productions Present:

    ...I'll Find You In The Morning Sun

    30th January, Kelvedon Hatch Bunker, 19:30

    You're away from home when the bombs start to fall. Far on the edge of London you don't know of a shelter. Staggering through the fields you suddenly come across a cottage; its door is ajar. Inside you find a large, underground bomb shelter, like nothing you have ever seen before.

    Government conspiracies, war time heroics and spooky goings on surround a night of digging in, holding that upper lip firm and wondering what the hell is going on. Will you be a warden, a soldier, a munitions worker, a spy?

    This is a show running from 19:30-7:30, 30th January (so all night). There are beds (more like military issue bunks) at the venue and there will be plenty of wartime food and blankets.

    The venue is a breath-taking underground bunker; alongside you the actors encourage genuine reactions. Emmet Brown Productions is a Cambridge-based company who have performed sell-out shows in the gothic Round Church and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

    Tickets £26; invite 2+ friends for the £5 group discount.

    Email to reserve tickets or make enquiries.


    Production Team