Dawn of Man
    By David Stevenson

    19:30, Fri 12th – Sun 14th February 2010 at Homerton Auditorium
    Lent Week 4 to Week 5

    Some people say God created humanity. Others say we evolved from monkeys. What if they were both right? Dawn of Man is the hilarious new comedy by David Stevenson that charts God’s quest to transform chimps into humans, with all the problems and pitfalls along the way. Join the self important Lord, his downtrodden assistant Cyril, and 4 loveable apes as they encounter the difficulties of walking, talking and run-ins with the Devil’s rival Neanderthal species and the results of “that night” with Mary to come out the other side as the fully modern humans we’ve come to know and love today. A nominee for the 2009 Footlights Harry Porter Prize, this show is guaranteed to tickle your God-evolved funny bones. Dawn of Man tries to merge the two conflicting theories of creationism and Darwinian evolution with a comic slant, with a mixture of physical theatre, subtle wordplay and good ol’ fashioned jokes. With a wide range of characters, from God himself to his evil sister the Devil through apes and scientists this is a show not to miss.


    The Devil
    Neanderthal 1
    Neanderthal 2

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