Idle Productions presents...

    House Party

    19:30, Tue 2nd – Sat 6th February 2010 at Secret Location
    Lent Week 3

    The residents of Hotspur House are throwing a party. Lulled in a whirlwind dash of uppers, downers, roguish romps and swinging seductions, the House is opening tonight for one of its infamous nights of boorish mayhem. And you have been invited.

    As the night descends, and the evening haze sets in, hours spiral into the next and faces melt into another, you are left, standing there, trying to keep hold. Who’s by your side? Who can’t cut the pace? And who’s shagging Lucy? It’s gonna be one helluva party.

    Idle’s latest event is a site-specific promenade extravaganza in a secret location, which the audience is transported to from outside the ADC Theatre. Expect music, movement, and ferocious visuals. Limited places available, so book now, or risk missing out on the party everyone is talking about.

    Praise for Idle: ‘Racy’ ‘Vibrant’ ‘Evocative’ ‘Beautifully acted and well observed’ - Varsity


    Production Team

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