Secret Porter's Ball
    By Various

    20:00, Sat 24th April 2010 at The Union Society, Cambridge
    Easter Week 0

    On the 24th of April, The Secret Porter’s Ball is coming to a union near you, and the words on most people’s lips are… what’s that? Well, does the Secret Policeman’s Ball ring any bells? If not, think Eddie Izzard, Russell Brand, Jo Brand, Russell Howard, Ed Byrne, a million other incredible comedians and a night of seriously belly-aching laughter. Not hooked? There’s more. The Secret Policeman’s Ball is a fundraising event for human rights organisation Amnesty International run by CUAI, a tradition started four decades ago by the likes of Cambridge alumnus John Cleese in 1979. CUAI and the Union now bring this incredible event back to Cambridge with a special local twist. With talent stretching from the fresh up and coming present day Footlights to those alumni who have now made it the big, and including diverse acts such as sell-out Cambridge boyband BluePrint, the event will bring together student performers alongside former Footlights stars and other friends of Amnesty. Whilst raising money in a hilarious and enjoyable fashion, we will use our own freedom of speech to support those who are denied a voice around the world. What could be a more fitting venue than Cambridge’s most prestigious forum of free speech. Cambridge University Amnesty International and The Cambridge Union Society proudly present:



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