The Country Wife
    By William Wycherley

    17:00, Mon 14th – Tue 15th June 2010 at Pembroke Gardens
    17:00, Thu 17th – Fri 18th June 2010 at Pembroke Gardens
    Easter May Week

    Broadcasting to the world that you're impotent might not seem the most appropriate way to get the opposite sex into bed but in Wycherley's play 'The Country wife' appropriate is a dirty word. Welcome to the world of excess, scandal and intrigue. A world where virtue is a thin veneer and one man sets out on a mission to bed all the willing wives of London. This production of the Country Wife is set in Edwardian England. In a society where men can have as many mistresses as they can afford Pinchwife, tired of being jilted by prostitutes, marries Margery - a young 'innocent' girl from the country - in the hope that she, unlike the London women, will remain faithful to him. Despite his efforts to keep her away from his lascivious friends when Horner sets eyes on the country beauty his mind is made up. He determines to have Margery just as firmly as Pinchwife determines he will not. The stage is set. It will be quite the performance.


    Production Team