The Cambridge Fools presents...

    When in Rome...
    By Rob Thorman

    19:10, Fri 30th July – Sat 14th August 2010 at The Space@Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh
    19:10, Mon 16th – Sat 28th August 2010 at The Space@Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    Welcome to the world of When in Rome... - a hotbed of high drama where togas collide with Lil Jon and the Backstreet Boys in a classic(al) coming of age story. It's Caesar and the Senate versus 80s and 90s disco in a brave new theatrical world that's the best of ancient and modern - live music, Roman broom grinding and the Spice Girls have never been so seamlessly fused!

    Follow the young, naive Quintus as he struggles to come to grips with the demands of becoming a ‘proper Roman’. His lessons in life find him crossing paths with a plethora of dubious characters including a salacious pair of domesticated slaves, a bickering senate couple, a pompous Emperor and his promiscuous daughter, and a poet whose beats and ways with women are both enviable and highly questionable. When he finds himself falling for beautiful slave girl Melissa, Quintus realises that freedom is not necessarily what it seems, and ‘becoming a Roman’ could be far more difficult than first appeared...

    The show’s shamelessly inaccurate historical humour, combined with its equally shameless choice of 80s disco and 90s pop will leave the audience rolling on the floor laughing or on their feet, dancing and singing along. Seriously – don’t miss When in Rome...!




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    Production Team

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    Musical Director
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    Technical Director
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    Costume Designer
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