A Children's Guide To The Birth of Christ
    By Jeff Carpenter

    21:30, Tue 22nd November 2011 - Sat 26th November 2011 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 7

    In Jeff Carpenter’s ongoing offence against theatre, now he tackles religion. Staging a kids’ nativity panto for students, expect showtunes, German Zoroastrian scientists, a horrendously evil King Herod, surfer-dude shepherds, and theological impossibilities at every corner! Will Joseph ever manage to propose to Mary? Will King Herod succeed in his plot to kill baby Jesus? Will the animals’ protest anthem be heeded? And will the hormonal dementia of a pregnant woman be the only way they get a room in the inn? Find out in Michaelmas’s most deranged and at times offensive Nativity Musical.

    Previous praise for Jeff Carpenter includes: ‘This production has a lot in common with a terrible, terrible night at Cindies.’ – Tab

    ‘This was a travesty... I do not know what the director was trying to achieve.’ – Varsity


    Mary -
    Joseph -
    Herod -
    Emperor Augustus -
    Derek (royal advisor) -
    Melchior/Gabriel -
    Balthasar -
    Caspar -
    Zeke (shepherd)/Guard 1 -
    Jake (shepherd)/Guard 2 -
    Angel 1 -
    Angel 2 -
    Angel 3 -
    Barry (inn-keeper)/Ox -
    Horse -
    Elsie (slave)/Cat -
    Margaret (slave)/Cow -

    Production Team

    Writer -
    Director -
    Assistant Director -
    Production Design -
    Publicity Design -
    Lighting -
    Sound -