Bereavement: The Musical
    By Jeff Carpenter and Máirín O'Hagan

    23:00, Wed 8th – Sat 11th February 2012 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 3

    Bereavement is a song and dance. Watch people singing and dancing about it.

    In this bitter-sweet new musical, the big secret about bereavement is revealed: no-one really knows what they should be doing. Curtain up and spotlight on six characters as they blunder through bereavement’s funny little cabaret, trying to make sense of grief and the unexpected extras it throws up. But once you’ve survived the barrage of tasteless funerals; needless guilt; ‘helpful’ advice and useless clichés, is anyone any the wiser about what it really means to lose someone?

    Following the success of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change; Jet Set Go! and Jerry Springer the Opera, CUMTS is proud to present its first new-writing musical.

    Praise for composer Jeff Carpenter: "Beautiful and enchanting" - Varsity (The Red Shoes) "Fantastic songs" - TCS (Treasure Island) "A gem of a production" - The Tab (Babushka) "Sensational music" - The Public Reviews, Edinburgh Fringe (Babushka)

    Praise for writer Máirín O'Hagan: * "Really very excellent indeed" - The Tab (The Orphanarium of Erthing Worthing) "It's so funny that you'll laugh yourself into damnation" - Varsity (Act Casual)


    Production Team

    Asst. Producer –
    Lighting Designer
    Sound Designer