Never Have I Ever
    By Phil Liebman & Jamie Mathieson

    21:30, Tue 13th – Sat 17th March 2012 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 8

    Have you? No, neither have I. But he has. Yes, he has. He so has. Look at him. Having it.

    Phil Liebman and Jamie Mathieson, as seen at the Edinburgh Fringe, Footlights Smokers and the County Arms, present a brand spanking new sketch show like no other that takes the rulebook for student comedy and does such bad things to it that our mothers would be ashamed.

    Praise for the writers:

    Phil: ‘Delightful’ (The Tab), ‘Vigorous’ (New Current), ‘His essays aren’t perfect but there are no major issues.’ (Dr. Jonathan Birch)

    Jamie: ‘Marvellous’ (Varsity), ‘Lovely’ (The Tab), ‘The lateness of many of his essays have precluded me from writing detailed feedback on his work.’ (Dr. Isabel DiVanna)


    Production Team