Passport To Pimlico
    By T. E. B. Clarke; adapted for stage by Hugo Havranek and Pete Wilkes

    19:30, Mon 5th March 2012 - Tue 6th March 2012 at Friends of Peterhouse Theatre
    Lent Week 7

    Passport to Pimlico is a classic of British comic film. In adaption for stage it loses none of those qualities that made it great: it’s still patriotic but irreverent, still warm-hearted but cynical, still quaintly dated but, most of all, still staggeringly relevant.

    When Pimlico (a small area of London) is declared part of Burgundy, what is initially a libertarian paradise becomes a chaotic free for all. Yet despite the wrangling for buried treasure, and a flourishing black-market, what the Burgundians are truly fighting for is their right to be English.

    Flying cows, audience interrogation, buried treasure, and a sleazy Burgundian Duke: this is a huge leap away from standard Cambridge theatre.


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