Titus Andronicus
    By William Shakespeare

    19:45, Wed 15th February 2012 - Sat 18th February 2012 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Lent Week 4

    "Then which way shall I find Revenge's cave?
    For these two heads do seem to speak to me."

    An exhausted general returns to Rome to bury his dead sons. Titus Andronicus sparks a bloodbath in the high-strung state by slaughtering the son of his dangerous prisoner, Tamora - a captured wolf breaking out of her cage with all the elegance and calm of a deadly spider.

    The scenes that follow explode through a devastating machine of vengeance, told in surging poetry and stark, traumatic visions. We see the maddening zeals of lust and revenge as two sides of a self-spinning coin, and that any person will become an animal when hunted.


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