Independent Charity Play presents...

    First Love
    By Samuel Beckett

    19:30, Sat 8th – Sun 9th June 2013 at Lucy Cavendish College, Strathaird
    Easter Week 6 to Week 7

    “The smell of corpses, distinctly perceptible under those of grass and humus mingled, I do not find unpleasant, a trifle on the sweet side perhaps, a trifle heady, but how infinitely preferable to what the living emit, their feet, teeth, armpits, arses, sticky foreskins and frustrated ovules”

    In the stage adaption of Samuel Beckett's tragicomedy ‘First Love’ the peculiar, homeless narrator tells the story of his first and only love, the prostitute Lulu, their marriage and cruel, sexual relationship. If you enjoy dry, dark humour, you will love Beckett's masterpiece!



    Production Team