Jamie meets the Pope

    21:30, Mon 21st January 2013 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 1

    Jamie Fraser (Footlights Smoker, Corpus Smoker) and Ben Pope (Wolfson Howler, Clare Comedy) are part-time comedians and sort-of friends. They've swapped phone numbers. They've been to Subway together. Jamie has complimented Ben on his scarves at least once. Now they're bringing you an evening of hilarious buddy comedy. Featuring their trademark stilted delivery and awkward personalities, these plucky standups are gracing the Corpus Playroom for one night only. Witty observations! Self deprecation! 100% genuine audience interaction! Ben and Jamie think it might be good. These people agree: 'genuinely hysterical’ - The Cambridge Student ‘provoked the loudest guffaws of the night’ - The Tab ‘left the audience gasping for breath’ - Varsity


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