The Killing of Sister George
    By Frank Marcus

    19:45, Tue 26th – Sat 30th March 2013 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Sat 30th March 2013 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Vacation

    The Killing of Sister George follows the professional and personal demise of the popular district nurse who selflessly ministers to the villagers in the fictional radio-soap Applehurst However, in real life and amongst her colleagues, she is the antithesis of the sweet character she plays. Against this back-drop, the play combines comedy and pathos as it follows June’s domestic relationship with the childlike and manipulative Alice McNaught. With the sudden insecurity of her character’s future, their insecure relationship becomes increasingly more self-centred than supportive.

    Following highly-acclaimed runs of the original productions in the West End and on Broadway, most people may now best remember the play from the iconic 1968 film which featured Beryl Reid in the title role. Now it comes to the ADC Theatre to explore the blurred reality of fictional soaps and the even stranger real lives behind the scenes.


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