The Man of Mode
    By George Etherege

    19:00, Thu 5th December 2013 - Sat 7th December 2013 at Covent Garden Drama Studio
    Michaelmas Week 8

    The play centres around the character of Dorimant, a rakish libertine, who hatches a cunning plan to rid himself of his current mistress, Mrs Loveit, so that he may have her friend Bellinda. Luckily for Dorimant, the vain Sir Fopling Flutter has recently arrived from Paris and is the perfect fool to bait Mrs Loveit with. But the arrival of the rich Harriet throws a spanner in the workings of Dorimant's plan, for he's determined to have but Harriet isn't so taken with his charms and would accept nothing less than an offer of marriage. In a comical mix of wit, seduction, and double crossing, George Etherege's comedy of manners is brought into the 21st century.


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