23:00, Fri 16th May 2014 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 3

    A new hour of stand-up from the people who between them brought you Dumpf, Dressing Down, Three White Guys, Three White Guys 2, two Footlights Spring Revues, the 2013 Footlights Pantomime, Gagamemnon, Four Comedic Porpoises, Um, Puns and Roses, Cheese (And Other Things That There Are), and countless college and Footlights smokers.

    BEN POPE: “Lines so beautifully crafted they bordered on poetry. Single, you say, Ben? Call me.” – The Tab “Left the audience gasping for breath” - Varsity “Deserves a medal for sheer hilarity” - TCS

    ARCHIE HENDERSON: “Stole the show… had me giggling from the first word” – TCS "Brilliant” – The Tab “I can safely say that Archie Henderson has a gift” - Varsity

    MILO EDWARDS: “Fantastic… had me in hysterics” – TCS “A total crowd-pleaser” – The Tab “Well-judged and intelligent” – Varsity

    CHARLIE PALMER: “A great act, endearing as well as funny” – TCS “Charlie Palmer will go far” – The Tab “The highlight of the evening” - Varsity



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