Lively Orator
    By Oliver Taylor

    23:00, Mon 16th June 2014 at ADC Theatre
    Easter May Week

    Oliver Taylor is a Lively Orator. As a member of the Cambridge Footlights he has spent much of his supposedly life-saving medical degree shouting at people all over the city and delighting in the way that they look both entertained and frightened. He is loud, energetic, and undeservingly self-confident. However, as an evening of possessed poetry books, machines that fling Kit-Kats into the audience, skeletons in the closet (literally), jokes that have come to life (literally) and disgruntled producers trying to sabotage the show unfolds, it will become apparent there is something not quite right about this performance. Behind Oliver’s already pretty disturbing fascade there is a dark secret, and it’s no joke. Though it is funny.


    Production Team