On Her Majesty's Business
    By Jamie Rycroft, Simon Lock, Aurélien Guéroult and Noa Lessof-Gendler

    21:30, Tue 25th February – Sat 1st March 2014 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 6

    Christopher Marlowe: writer, lover, spy, Corpuscle. When his secret diary is discovered during a thoroughly unprofessional archaeological dig, a tale of daring, seduction and secrets is brought to light. The young Marlowe writes of his time as a penniless and foolish undergraduate at Corpus, recruited by the Privy Council to investigate a series of suspicious goings-on in an isolated convent in France.

    Marlowe is plunged into a scandalous world of lies, treachery and mad nuns. King Henry IV of France is planning an invasion, and the Queen of England is in danger...

    Now Marlowe must escape using only his wit, charm and rugged good looks – and, perhaps, a healthy dose of cross-dressing. But even if he makes it back to English shores, can he trust anyone he finds there…?

    The Corpus Freshers’ Show will be performed, directed, produced, designed and crewed entirely by those new to Cambridge drama.


    Christopher Marlowe
    Kevin McCloud
    John Fletcher | Nun
    Francis Walsingham | Builder
    William Shakespeare | Erasmus Member
    Queen Elizabeth I | Vice President of the Assassin’s Guild | French Barmaid | Nun
    Brigitte | Vice Vice President of the Assassin’s Guild
    King Henry IV of France | Ruff Appreciation Member
    Larry | Erasmus Member | Camera Operator
    Ruff Appreciation Member | Rat | Student
    Builder | Nun | Student
    François | President of the Assassin’s Guild | St John | Matthew Parker | Master

    Production Team

    Producer | Sound and Lighting Manager | Costume Designer –
    Director | Stage Manager –