Ransom of the Red Chief
    By O. Henry, adapted by Guy Clark

    17:00, Sun 19th October 2014 at Cam FM
    Michaelmas Week 2

    “We were down South, in Alabama--Bill Driscoll and myself-when this kidnapping idea struck us…”

    Originally a short story by turn of the century author O. Henry, Ransom of The Red Chief is a Wild West misadventure narrated by its protagonist, the wry and cynical conman Sam.

    In Sam’s linguistically acrobatic narrative, he and his partner Bill attempt to make a quick buck by kidnapping the son of a small-town banker. Naturally, everything goes horribly wrong.

    Witty, irreverent and beautifully evocative of the period and place, Ransom of The Red Chief makes a slick transition from dark kidnap narrative to ridiculous farce as its protagonists’ competence as criminals is steadily undermined.


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